The Top 4 Abdominal Exercise Myths

Myth #1 - Doing Sit-ups are the best way to get a six pack
For decades, the sit-up has been one of the most widely accepted abdominal exercises Thus, for someone just beginning an ab workout routine, the sit-up is a logical choice for an ab exercise. However, recent studies show that the sit-up movement is not only not very effective but puts an unhealthy level of stress on your spinal cord.
Myth #2 - Abdominal Exercise helps you lose inches off your waist
The idea that you can remove excess fat in a specific area - or spot reduce, by exercising the muscles in the proximity of the fat is a theory that has been disproven over and over again. Ab exercises tone and firm the muscles. Losing inches off your waist can not be accomplished by ab workouts only. The best way to lose inches off your waist is by creating a caloric deficit - burning more calories a day than you consume. A fitness routine that is most effective involves cardiovascular exercise, strength conditioning, and a healthy diet that promotes fat loss.
Myth #3 - Electrical stimulation is the best way to get a six-pack
Abs belt devices use EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) technology which sends electronic impulses to the muscles via electrodes placed on the skin. Although this technology has been shown to be effective for rehabilitative physical therapy, it has never been proven to be effective for weight loss or muscle toning. There is not a single independent clinical study that supports the claims of weight loss, muscle growth or muscle strengthening by the manufacturers'.
Myth #4 - Ab Machines are better than the traditional Ab Workout Methods
Lets face it, the popularity of ab machines and ab gadgets have little to do with the actual end result obtained, but because of slick advertising that overstates the benefits. Who can resist trying out the newest and best ab machine on the market shown in the infomercial with claims such as: "Get ripped abs in a week!" or "lose 20 lbs.


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