The Big Arms Workout

 My Men's Health workout

This arm-expanding workout overloads your biceps and triceps for guaranteed growth. The program is only 2 days a week, because the exercises challenge all the muscles in your body; you'll need the rest of the week to recover and grow. On the first day, you'll focus on all the common weaknesses that limit your ability to add size to your arms. Day 2's aggressive approach directly targets your biceps and triceps so you can pack on more muscle. Try this program and you'll no longer need to make excuses for your upper body.

Do workout A once a week and workout B once a week, resting at least 2 days between sessions. Alternate between sets of exercises of the same number (do 1 set of 2A followed by a set of 2B, for example) until you complete all the sets in that pairing. Use the specified number of repetitions, sets, and rest periods included with each exercise description.

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