How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Quickly

If you are interested in how to build muscle quickly, don't listen to the guys from the magazines, who tell you that body building programs can gain you a lot of muscles in no time.
That is not exactly true. They can be annoying sometimes, right? You probably read articles about all these how to step by step programs. But I have a couple of questions for you. Do you have the time to do all these stuff they mention? If you have the time, have these magazines been helpful so far??
Maybe some good general information, or maybe the opposite, complicated information that you don't need to know right now.
Body building is not as simple as is sounds: most of the guys with a great body that try to convince you to do a lot workout actually have so great muscles because of their genes, and not because they trained so hard. What about you, who has a skinny body or you are overweight?
It's really hard to get such a great body in a short period of time in a healthy way.
What do magazines tell you about how to lose weight and gain muscle? You've probably read similar magazines. They tell you to stick to a body building diet and do exercises all day long.

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