How to Gain Weight and Muscle in 4 Weeks

There are only two things to do in order to successfully meet the question of how to gain weight and muscle. Apply these two things for a 4-week program and you'll come out stronger, more durable and more.

1. Lifting: The backbone of a way to gain weight and strength training program is weight lifting. And perform the following exercises are the key to getting more. These exercises are known to put on mass quickly. They not only work the major muscle mass, but the execution of these exercises literally put your body in an area of ​​growth that makes it easy to gain weight and muscle. Any hardcore gym verifies that the highest growth that members were known by the practice of lifting exercises following weight:

a. squats

b. deadlifts

c. dips

They play a key role on how to gain weight and muscle and should be the main animals in your stable of resistance exercise. For example, you can make a Monday, Wednesday, Friday workout that includes one of those big dogs above exercises for each day of training program (eg Monday Squats, dips Wednesday and Friday Dead). You can then add other exercises into the mix, such as bicep curls, chest exercises, etc. But these three should be your main focus because they are the absolute key on how to gain weight and muscle.

2. Eat. During four weeks to gain weight and strength training program, you need to eat like you've never eaten before. View each meal to help your weight and muscle goals, and if you miss one, then you just push you back and not forward.

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