Home Fitness Programs

Home Bucket Squat ExerciseIt is not easy to get fit and stay fit. However, it is easy to make excuses - you cannot get to the gym, you have no time, you can't afford it, or the weather may not be suitable to get outdoors and exercise. There is no excuse to avoid exercising totally, here is information about exercises that you can do at home with limited equipment, which can easily slot it into your busy schedule.
  • a list of exercises and descriptions of how to perform these simple drills at home, using minimal equipment that you can find around the house.
  • using the simple home exercises listed above, here is a basic exercise training routine that you can use to help boost your fitness.
  • some ideas on how you can create weights using everyday items from around the home.
  • some ideas of where you can go to get an effective training workout without joining a gym. Other than using the home exercises, you can get outdoors and test yourself against mother nature and get some fresh air too.

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