Fun Fitness for Kids

1) Don't use food as a treat. If children consider food to be a reward for good behaviour, this can turn out to be a habit for their lifetime.

2) Try to keep sugar in the diet at a minimum. Sugar not only rots teeth but can also cause children to put on weight if they have too much.

3) Keep snacks at a minimum. Some children need snacks between meals to give them a burst of energy but you should really only give these if they are needed and not as a habit.

4) Don't give in to advertising. A lot of children will want to eat foods that they see on TV or that their friends have. It can be very difficult to not give in to their demands for the latest items.

5) Show a good example. If you are expecting your children to eat all their vegetables you will need to make sure that you eat them too.

6) Eat a good variety of foods. Unhealthy food is fine every once in a while as long as there are good healthy foods eaten in between.

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