Will Writing A Book Make You Rich?

Expert Author Lisa Shultz
It is wise not to expect to become rich from writing and publishing a book. If you dream of millions of dollars flowing into your bank account as a result of publishing your book from the book itself, think again. It can happen, but it is rare.
However, as a result of being a published author, you can make money in other ways that can be very lucrative. The book establishes your credibility and expertise, which then can be leveraged into other products and income streams.
Let's assume your book is now a reality and in print. Let's also assume you have a website focused on the book or its message.
Now you can set up a variety of opportunities around your book establishing a platform to build wealth.
Here are some ideas of how to you can leverage your book into income opportunities:
1. You can develop a signature talk about your book and begin seeking speaking engagements. At first you may not be paid to speak but be sure to obtain permission to sell your books at the back of the room or at the end of the presentation. You can also speak on the radio or be interviewed and verbally direct listeners to your website to purchase your book.
2. Develop a tele-seminar or webinar series about your book or spin offs related to your book. Initially that event may be free but be sure to have a back-end irresistible offer built into the presentation.
3. Offer consulting or coaching services. You may want to consider offering a complementary initial 30 minute session with the opportunity to continue for a fee.
4. You can develop a workshop based on your book and charge admission.
5. You can also create a membership site, mastermind group or inner circle for fans and followers.
6. It is wise to build a strong social media presence around your book with a well-designed fan page. From this page or profile, you can direct your viewers to take action by enrolling in offers and programs you design.
7. Implement a list gathering method to build a list and contact that list with offers of a bonus or other promotions of your choice. Provide updates, newsletters, gifts, specials, and other creative ideas to keep in contact with your fans.
8. Find joint venture partnerships for collaboration and cross promotion. This relationship can be a win-win for both parties with increased exposure of each others books or services. You may have a similar target audience as your partners so that each can build exposure and their own lists by sharing an offer to entice some sort of call to action for the prospective reader or purchaser.
9. Create a solid brand around your book to take every where you go and place this branding on everything you do. This will help the overall image of your book and yourself to attract opportunities and give yourself a professional appearance.
10. Go out and network and be visible. Use your book as a business card and see what doors open to you. Books provide credibility that will change the way people view you. There is an unlimited number of ways to maximize the full potential of what a book can do for your life. Explore and enjoy the journey!

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