Weight Loss by Removing Sugar From Your Diet

I have started a weight loss program and one of the things that the company recommends is for those that are looking to lose the maximum amount of weight during the first 30 days of the program that they abstain from consuming sugar and sugar substitutes. It is very interesting to think that you can achieve weight loss by removing sugar from your diet and yet here I am after one week of having nothing with sugar, including fruit, and I have lost roughly one pound per day. Am I suggesting that your results will be the same as my results if you remove sugar from your diet? I couldn't possibly have the answer to that because I am not a doctor.

With that being said, let me tell you what I am so that you can understand why I am taking the time to share my experiences with you. I am a person that was diagnosed in 2012 as being pre-diabetic. What this means is that I was already beginning to lose my ability to process sugar. It was a frightening revelation because I had witnessed those I loved in the past becomes ravaged by this condition and I was dangerously close to walking in their shoes.

When I learned this information I went through the normal stages of grief but once those passed I resolved to make changes in my life. I started making small changes and went back again 6 months later to be retested. The results were the same. My efforts had failed. Later, I was determined to find the solution to my problem and the only answer coming to me from my primary physician was "lose weight". If you have weight issues you know that this comment is frustrating. It is frustrating because it doesn't give you any answers, not really.

I went out in search of answers from numerous health professionals and I discovered a common theme... sugar. Sugar is in a lot of food items, more than I had thought originally and I was not naive to how much sugar I was consuming. It turned out I was mistaken about a few of the changes I had made. With this new weight loss program I am eating 5 meals a day and I am eating good tasting food. The only difference is I have significantly reduced the amount of sugar I am taking in each day. I found it interesting to see the pounds starting to melt away so effortlessly once I modified my diet to exclude sugars and sugar substitutes. I have learned now from my own personal experience that you can lose weight by removing sugar from your diet.

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