Weight Loss By Hypnosis - The Big Myth

Weight loss by hypnosis - is it a genuine path to permanent weight loss... or just another fad? The answer to this depends on many factors. However, there is one big myth that many people believe when it comes to this subject - one that anyone seeking weight control help needs to be aware of.
This article will explain what that myth is, and hopefully give you a better idea of the limits of weight loss hypnotherapy.
One of the newest methods of weight control to have emerged in recent years is the hypnotic gastric band. What is this? To answer that question, you need to understand what a physical gastric band is. This is an operation where a band is placed around the stomach to shrink it to the size of a golf ball (some say a tennis ball). She hypnotic gastric band operation is a hypnotherapy session in which the client is put into a hypnotic trance and told that the procedure is happening - when in fact it is not.
The client does not blindly believe they have had the procedure. What has happened is that the hypnotherapist has instructed the client's subconscious mind that it has happened. Because the subconscious mind is blind, it will believe what is this what it is told (as long as the no conflict in deep-seated beliefs). And because the subconscious is far more powerful than the conscious mind, the theory goes that the client will then start acting as if they have actually had the operation, losing interest in food and being full on much less than previously.
Does the virtual gastric band work? The truth is that some people have lost weight after this treatment, and for others it has failed. One of the main reasons we can guess that the treatment succeeds or fails is to do with the client's attitude.
This type of hypnotherapy treatment is a powerful tool that can transform anybody's body size.
The key words here are tool and can.
The tool is useless unless used properly. And just because it can change body size doesn't mean to say that it automatically will do.
The big myth of weight loss by hypnosis is that the hypnotic gastric band is a magic pill, rather than the tool. Take a magic pill and it will do all the hard work - you have zero responsibility, and do not need to make any behavioural changes. Many people's experience of this is quite the opposite.

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