Training Programs Offered in Lifetime Fitness Gym

Lifetime is a company that has fitness gyms and services throughout the U.S. Currently, there are 102 locations spread out over 22 states. The following is a guide about Lifetime Fitness and some of the programs they have available.
The Lifetime Fitness Gym has a number health and fitness programs that you can select from. For example, they offer three weight loss programs: one that's private, another that's done with a team, and the other with a coach. The private weight loss program includes personal training, nutrition coaching, and lab testing to find out more about your body. With the team program, you will be with 10-20 others just like yourself who want to lose weight. Included is exercise training, physical assessments, and nutrition guidance.
The last one is called "my weight loss coach", where you will get consultation about weight loss and sessions with a personal trainer. This individual will coach you along the way to help you accomplish your goals.
Weight loss isn't the only programs for health and fitness they have available. You can also take group classes in a number of categories including strength training, aqua fitness, cardio, introduction/special, yoga, and cardio + strength. A handful of classes are offered in each category. For example, six glasses are currently available in the cardio + strength such as circuit training, cardio resistance training, total conditioning, boot camp, and kickboxing.
If sports an interest of yours, then Lifetime Fitness Gym has you covered here as well. One of the programs is called Ultimate Hoops, which is a basketball league in which stats, scores, and personal profiles are posted on a website. For those who enjoy running, there is a run club and various events and races you can participate in.
Also offered is a climbing program, which includes auto belays, top rope, lead climbing, and bouldering. Other sports programs include cycle club, racquetball, swimming, squash, and triathlons.
The Lifetime Fitness Gym also offers some amenities. There is a child center that will allow you to leave your child in good hands when you want to work out in the gym. They also have several nutritional programs that you can sign up for to learn how to eat healthy. A spa service and salon is available if you want to relax and get some stress relief.

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