Top 10 Things You Need To Let Go of to Be Happy

Ahh the pursuit of happiness; boundless by age, sex, culture, or demographic. Some people seem to be happy for no apparent reason. While for others, being happy is an ongoing battle.
It can take a whole series of books to explain the dynamic of true happiness, but we all love simplicity. There's one thing that all happy people have in common: The Ability to Let Go.
It takes strength to hold on, but sometimes it takes even more strength to Let Go.
People know what you eat effects your health. But stress, unhappiness and built up negative emotions are the most toxic.
Expert Author Steve H ChangHere are the top 10 things you need to Let Go of to be happier for the rest of your life:
10. Let Go of the Need to Be Comfortable. You can't enrich your life by being comfortable all the time. Change is the new 'norm'. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Growth and liberation only happens outside of the Comfort Zone. Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become.
9. Let Go of Excuses. Excuses lead you away from your true heart's desires. Excuses are like walls between you and your dreams. Your mind has the power to justify every decision you make. After all, your excuses have to be good in order to convince you of them, right? You're not the victim, You Are The Creator. The question is, can you accept that responsibility?
8. Let Go of the Need for Control. Needing control and the need to be right is a surefire way to unhappiness. Control is an illusion that comes from expectation. And being right may bring you satisfaction, but ultimately you're pursuing happiness through the disempowerment of others. It's feeding your ego not your happiness, so it won't bring a sense of true fulfillment. Unfortunately, many people would rather be right than be happy. (They usually turn into grumpy people). Take the higher road and let go of your power trip. You, and those around you, will be a lot happier in the end.
7. Let Go of the Need for Approval. Needing validation from others is a sign of insecurity. Although it may feel good to have validation and approval from others, it's external. So if you don't get it, you're not happy. When you need constant approval to make you happy, you'll always be empty inside. Don't change for the approval of other people. Be authentic and true to yourself and the right people will love you. And don't ever apologize for being honest.
6. Let Go of Blame. We give up our power to grow when we blame others. It disempowers us by putting our happiness in the hands of other people. Don't blame anyone in life. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience, the worst people give you lessons, and the best people give you inspiration. Forgiveness one of the most powerful ways to liberate yourself from emotional slavery. The best part of forgiveness is that we free ourselves and make space to be happy.
5. Let Go of Unsupportive Beliefs. The greatest trick the devil ever played was to make people think he didn't exist. Self-deception is like that. We may not be aware of the enemy inside. That enemy is limiting and unsupportive beliefs. Realize the real lies. Your perception is the framework of what your beliefs are built on. Meaning, what you believe to be truth or fact is based on perception and can be changed. "Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer
4. Let Go of Negative Self-Talk. This practice alone has the power to change your entire life. Did you know you talk to yourself about 60,000 times a day? The most shocking thing is that up to 80% of most people's self-talk is negative! So don't believe everything you think. Consider your brain as a computer. What kind of computer would you have if most of the programming was wrong?! If you had a friend who spoke to you like you speak to yourself, would you want that person to be your friend? Managing your inner voice is a must for your happiness.
3. Let Go of Attachment. Attachment brings expectation. And unmet expectations leads to resentment, moving us further away from happiness. It's not to say that you don't care. It's that you don't interfere. Detachment comes from the point of view of abundance. Attachment comes from the point of view of neediness, which pushes it away. Therefore, it puts happiness outside of yourself and becomes conditional. Whether you're attached to conditions of a certain outcome, person, place, or thing - attachment is disempowering and cannot bring you happiness. Remember, experience is what we get when we don't get what we wanted.
2. Let Go of Fear. Fear is nothing more than False Emotions Appearing Real. Yet, it's still debilitating and impairs judgement, blocking us from our dreams. It's an illusion and your mind is both the magician and the audience. Remember - your faith, passion and belief is the fuel that will overcome fear. You'll find your happiness on the other side, and you'll grow stronger from it.
1. Let Go of the Past. The number one thing happy people have in common is that they live in the present moment. Don't judge yourself from your past - you don't live there anymore! You can't move on to the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one. The past is history, the future is a mystery and the Now is a gift - that's why it's called the Present.
Remember, happiness is an inside job. We can never achieve true happiness if we rely on conditions or external factors. Use these 10 ways of releasing to help manage your state of happiness, from moment-to-moment and day-to-day... and you'll look back at a happy life.
... wise man once said, "There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way."
Keep training your inner dragon! It's the practice, not just the knowledge that changes your life. It's not easy but it's worth it!
How to train your dragon - a blog on conquering your inner demons.
Until we train the dragons within us, our own destructive qualities will block us from reaching our full potential. These are unconscious, self sabotaging traits - our inner demons. And they often show up as patterns in our lives until we deal with them.
We all have so called inner demons or deep-rooted emotions that may have a negative effect on our lives. Most people try and hide or suppress them. However, only by overcoming them and training them can we turn those "inner dragons" into a source of our personal power.

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