To Be Happy, Create New Brain Pathways

A lady came to me with a hurt wrist. She was amazed at the instantaneous healing that took place. Called it a miracle that her wrist-which had hurt for months-no longer hurt. Three days later she called and said, "I thought you healed my wrist. Here it is only three days later and it hurts again. You didn't do a very good job. Now what do you have to say about that?"
I answered her by asking, "Why did you take the pain back?"
You want to be happy? Then why do you keep taking the unhappiness back? You are the one who is responsible for that, not the other one you keep blaming. Tough to hear, but to be happy you must stop taking back the unhappiness. So how do you do this?
Think of unhappiness as a groove worn into your brain from a constant flow of unhappy thoughts like a creek worn from water erosion. As humans we tend to like-and return too-the familiar, even if that which is familiar is painful. By now, you may have a Grand Canyon of unhappiness pattern that you will fall back into without even realizing it. The good news is that once you stop digging the unhappiness groove deeper and create a new pattern of happiness then happiness becomes the familiar groove and is easier to access and "fall" into.
To help create those happiness groves, become the high witness to your life and become aware of what you are creating for yourself in your life. This is a process that takes dedication that comes from your desire to be happy. No one can give you the desire to be happy except you. Happiness, like most things in life, comes to us as we seek it out. We have to do the work to find it.
Try this: On a sheet of notebook paper, begin to write down a reason you have to be happy. If you can't find a reason to be happy, start with a reason to be grateful. If you are so unhappy you can't find a reason to be grateful, your addiction to unhappiness is greater than you desire to be happy, and it may behoove you to seek help from a professional therapist. This process only works if you are able and ready to do the work.
Once you have completed the first reason you have to be happy, continue on to a second reason that you have to be happy. When any reason for unhappiness comes to mind-and they will-turn the paper over and write down that reason, and then immediately turn the paper over again and continue writing down reasons why you are-or should be-happy.
You will notice that as you begin this process you may not particularly feel happy about any of the reasons you have for happiness. They are reasons you have to be happy, but you may take them for granted and not feel happiness from them. As you continue to write, you will notice a lifting of your mood. Keep writing until you actually feel light, happy, and maybe even positively giddy. Repeat this process whenever you feel a need to do so or when you slip into unhappiness.
This process can be found in Diana's The Happiness Book.
© 2010 Diana Rankin
Diana Rankin at is the author of The Happiness Book, 23 Days/A Celtic Journey, and The Found Child. Also, she is the facilitator of Profitable Attitude® corporate seminars designed to help businesses increase profitability by decreasing employee depression. A gifted intuitive and medium, Diana coaches people to help them reach their highest potential. As an internationally known public speaker, Diana's intention is to help people better their lives that they may help to better the world. For a private consultation or for information on having Diana speak to your group, please contact her through her website or through

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