Tips to Lose Weight - Try Simple Weight Loss Methods

By Carlodanie Jenne 
Has losing weight been on your mind for quite some time? Here are some great weight loss tips to help you shed the extra kilos and maintain the new look for as long as you are willing to.
Set practical goals: Okay so you want to lose weight, but how much? Set a practical goal for yourself; as far as possible break down the bigger goal to small one's like fitting into a dress that is one size smaller than your current one. Small goals are not only easier to achieve but also help you remain motivated to continue with your weight loss plan.
Exercise: Training in cardio and weights and practicing aerobics are the best forms of exercise to lose weight; however these require formal training and for those not interested in joining gyms, performing simple exercises at home can also help lose a few kilos. One must however fix a strict exercise regimen and stick to it sincerely. Do not sacrifice the time fixed for exercise for other routine work, or that will become a habit and you will end up not exercising more than often.
Get active: Just plain exercising may help you lose weight, but to maintain it one must engage in healthy activity too. So begin taking the flight of steps instead of the elevator whenever possible; spring clean your house more than often, mow your lawn once a while; wash your car yourself on the weekend or engage is some outdoor sports activity like tennis, badminton, golf; what's more these days you can just buy a motion sensor game and rewind and exercise at the same time. One can even plan healthy vacations - that is holidays full with activities.
Drink plenty of water: Water is known to aid weight loss, so drink plenty of it every day. Carry a bottle of water everywhere you go, so that you can continue to take sips every now and then. If having plain water becomes boring one can take variants of water like green tea and lime water; but watch the salt and sugar intake at such times.
Do not skip meals: Instead have frequent meals comprising of smaller portions; this not only helps keeping your cravings at bay but also helps stabilizing blood sugar levels and reducing cholesterol levels, which in turn leave you feeling energized throughout the day. The energy is necessary to help you maintain your exercise schedule as well as engage in other healthy activities.
Chew your food well: People who are in the habit of eating extremely fast are the one who generally put on the extra kilos too. Practitioners advice that one must chew every bite at least 30 times before swallowing it to aid the digestive process. Eating slowly also helps you feel fuller far earlier than when you eat too fast and thereby helps you reduce your calorie intake automatically.
Keep your home junk-food free: Fill your kitchen with healthy foods and clear it of all junk food, this will encourage healthy eating at home. At all times your kitchen should be stocked with fruits, vegetables and other fiber enriched foods. Foods rich in fiber take quite some time to digest and hence keep you feeling full for longer.
Reduce dining out: Try and eat home cooked meals as often as you can, as opposed to take away and dining out. You can control the oil, salt, sugar etc. in home cooked meals but not at restaurants. This is one of the best and easiest ways to losing weight.
Be patient and stress free: Weight loss does not happen overnight. Be patient and remain motivated. In addition stay stress free; stress is never good, especially for people trying to lose weight. One can practice meditation, yoga or other light hobbies like reading or music to remain stress free.
Adopt a healthy lifestyle: Reduce the intake of alcohol, give up smoking and getting sufficient sleep are a few things that can also help in losing weight. Research has proved that people who don't get adequate sleep are more prone to hunger cravings, over eating and weight gain.

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