Tips For Writing a Book to Reach Your Target Audience Today

Have you thought about writing a book, but wondered about the effort involved and the results you would get from it? Monetizing your coaching or other small business with a book will benefit you in big ways.
If you are now earning your income from seminars, consulting, you'll get far bigger visibility and credibility which translates to plenty of clients when you write a short book.
You don't' have to go by traditional standards that say a book must be 260 pages to make you credible. Even an eBook under 100 pages can do right for your business expansion if you make it useful and authentic for your particular audience. Why wait for the long road of New York publishers? Or want to place your book in a bookstore. Today, people are online and love buying books this way. It is the number one selling product on the net.
Remember These Benefits
-Boost your credibility as a savvy expert in your field.
-Boost your reputation by being a respected and trusted author.
-Energize yourself that you are turning your dream of being an author into a reality.
-Increase your income by selling books at talks and at your web site.
-Discover a much easier way, online to sell your print or eBooks.
-Boost your self-esteem by sharing your unique message.
-Help your audiences to a better life with take home how tos.
Not Sure What Kind of Book to Write?
Get the Best From Two Worlds
With the internet going strong, many in your audience will want a downloadable, printable eBook. And, you the author, receive the benefits of no printing bills, no distribution problems, attract new clients to your site, and you make all the profits.
But, you want some copies for the back of the room sales. So, write your longer print book and print enough copies to sell within three months. Make that book into a shorter eBook version straight from the Microsoft Word files you already have. It's easier to take out copy from a file than to create a new one.
Small businesses need to know that business people's reading hours are down from 123 hours per year in 1999, to 109 hours in 2001, and in 2008--the figure is even lower. Like you, your audience wants to read short how-to books.
How to Create Endless Products
Consultants, solo professionals and speakers have the edge over other businesses because you already have past talks, case studies and articles you've already written. Just dust them off with a new angle for each audience.
Take your seminars, teleseminars, and ecourses and turn them into short books. These built in resources create even more products. Each time you give a teleseminar, record it on an MP3 and offer it for sale. This no money investment makes you even more profits.
If you Don't Write your Book?
Not much will happen to make you stand out from the crowd. Your business will take much longer to build to big success. And, you won't have all the fun by connecting with your audience as much.
Fulfill your Book Dream-Get Started with a Little Help
-Know your audience first before you write it. Do market research.
-Get started- write down all the topics and questions your book can answer.
-Get organized--Create a book folder and files.
-Practice one High Level Activity each day for your book.
-Write about what you know--you are the expert.
-Solve your audience's problem or challenge.
-Use what you already have written-ie speeches, seminars.
-Write down your one preferred audience before you write the book. Then, it will engage your readers all the way.
-Overcome the fear that your writing won't be great. Get help from others, especially a coach.
It's funny, but once you get started with one book, you won't be able to stop yourself from writing others. The point is to just begin. Watch your business thrive

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