The New Anti Aging Skin Care Philosophy

We are living in exciting times. People are more knowledgeable about their own health than ever before in history. We now know what words like preservatives and toxins actually mean and what they can do to us. This is changing the skincare philosophy in a great way.
Our ever increasing knowledge our health played a major role in the extreme changes in the food industry. We now see labels that we cannot only understand but that are truthful. Our collective thirst to know what we are putting in our bodies changed the way major companies make their products and label them. The same changes need to be made in the skincare industry.
We now know that the key to younger skin is collagen. Unfortunately, that is about all we know collectively. It is for that reason that big companies are getting away with trying to sell us creams and lotions with the word collagen in their ingredients. They are misleading and outright lying to us. Everyone is jumping at the chance to buy anything that can give us more collagen. We know it is the protein our bodies require in order to have smooth, firm, youthful skin.
What enough of us do not know is the problem. Collagen molecules are entirely too large to be absorbed through the skin. It is simply not possible. We need to send a message to the skin care industry that we know their dirty little secret now and we won't be fooled any longer!
The best they can do is to start using valuable ingredients that actually stimulate the body to produce more collagen naturally. This is scientifically proven to be not only possible but the preferred way to combat aging. Look for products that have Cynergy TK and Avocado oil, natural ingredients that actually give you long term benefits! Don't settle for anything less! Let's change the skincare philosophy by hitting them in their profits!
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