The Key to Getting Your Ex Back? Emotional Fitness - The Lifeblood of Your Relationship Success!

Your problems in your life, the difference in how you live your life, boils down to your psychological conditioning. Your ability to take control of your state, and be in control of your emotions is the key to saving your relationship...
Every relationship needs a foundation of empowering emotions. Having passion, love, joy, excitement, enthusiasm. You are caught up in the negative emotions. Unfortunately, these things are the main focus in your relationship. And that's why things are so disfunctional and lousy for you. You focus on "crap","garbage","disempowerment" and it's because you have extremely lousy emotional fitness.
You have to start empowering yourself and empower your loved one with positive, life fulfilling emotions. Passion is the most empowering emotion available to the human spirit. It creates energy, life, harmony, motivation, determination. Combine passion and love and you have a powerful driving force for an amazing relationship.
Without having emotional strength, you may "get by" in a relationship, but that's all you'll really do. There will be no juice, energy or vitality. Eventually, you fall back into patterns of conflict, boredom, frustration, etc. So focus on developing your emotional strength, and the other key to success in a relationship is having a vision.
You and your partner must have something to feel passionate, enthusiastic, loving about. Create a compelling future. Think of all the amazing things you wish to accomplish and have in the future with your ex. Growth in the relationship, kids, more money to enjoy luxury and security, health, vitality, etc.
So cut out all the negative, unimportant, life draining crap, and focus on the empowering things. Move passionately towards compelling vision every single day, and never look back! That is the simple secret.

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