The Diet Solution Program, The Best Weight Loss System

In a world where obesity is a health issue of national and international proportions, we are always bombarded with weight loss programs that promise results within a few weeks. Many of these programs are sensible while many are not so sensible. Well, we can safely say that The Diet Solution Program belongs to the sensible category the reasons for which will be discussed shortly.
Program Description
This weight loss program was developed by Isabel de los Rios, a certified fitness and exercise expert for over 10 years. Clients who have successfully lost weight and then maintained their ideal weight agree that the program offers many ways to adopt a healthy eating plan and a massive exercise workload, which so many of us dread.
Unlike other weight loss programs that adhere to a basic one-size-fit all plan, The Diet Solution Program provides for a personalized food structure tailored to the individual's body. Your height and weight as well as medical history, basal metabolic rate and mental framework will be taken into account before your customized diet plan can be formulated. You will be provided with the food items that you must eat and must avoid in order to burn fat faster and, thus, lose weight quicker, too.
But of course, the right diet is not all there is to the program. You will also be provided with tips on exercise and workout routines and healthy lifestyle tips. Keep in mind that healthy, effective and safe weight loss is the combination of three factors, namely, a healthy diet, proper exercise and good lifestyle habits.
Pros and Cons of the Program
Customers who have been and are presently on the program rave about the benefits of The Diet Solution Program. Obviously, the assumption here is that you will be following the rules as stated on the program to attain the results promised by its author. The most notable of these benefits include:
  • No crash diets. We all know that crash dieting may deliver results in terms of a slimmer body but it is certainly not a healthy way to lose weight. Instead, Isabel de los Rios shows how to lose weight through a sensible, healthy and customized eating plan that encourages high intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Recipes to make tasty meals are also provided.
  • No strenuous exercise programs. Exercise is an integral part of weight loss but the beauty of The Diet Solution Program is that you will not be put through the wringer of torturous workout routines to shed the pounds. Instead, moderate exercise is recommended.
  • No rocket science degree required. Anyone with the willingness to adopt a healthy diet and to exercise moderately can follow the instructions in the book.

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