The Best Way To Tone Abs

The best way to tone abs requires a three prong strategy. An individual must have focus and motivation. He or she must eat a healthy, balanced diet, and conduct regular workouts. No fancy piece of equipment or fad diet will produce toned abdominal muscles. Only hard work and dedication will result in a formidable six-pack.
One must be focused to achieve success. He must decide on an outcome, formulate a strategy for achieving it, and concentrate on obtaining it. He needs to visualize himself with a washer board stomach, and maintain that image until it becomes a reality. This requires many hours of hard work and sweat.
Motivation helps an individual to get through the toil of toning stomach muscles. For some it means getting rid of the muffin tops, those love handles hanging over his swim trunks or her favorite pair of jeans.
For others the motivator might be health related. Having good abdominals requires a healthy lifestyle. The prevention of heart disease or diabetes provides a strong motivating force for getting in shape and sculpting the soft tummy into ironing board abs.
Eating a proper diet is the second step in the strategy for acquiring a hard flat stomach. Fad diets might work in the short term, but they will fail in the long term. Special diets that focus on eating only one thing or eliminate an item from the diet generally are not healthy or sustainable.
The Mayo clinic warns that while a high protein low carbohydrate diet may help an individual lose weight in the short term, they could cause damage in the long term. High protein diets may contain high fat putting an individual at risk of heart disease. Also, too much protein in the diet could harm the kidneys.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Dietary Guidelines recommends eating a balanced diet of nutritionally dense foods, in other words, foods containing lots of nutrients but fewer calories or additives. One way to achieve this is by eating diets high in fresh fruits and vegetables rather than canned fruits and vegetables.
To obtain visibly toned stomach muscles, a person needs to have low body fat composition. Eating a proper diet comprised of low fat foods, high in nutrients and low in wasted calories helps to decrease the amount of fat a person carries around his midsection.
Lastly, the best way to tone abs is through exercise on a regular basis. A work out regime should include four days of abdominal muscle exercises. Use different exercises each of the four days in order to work different parts of the abdomen. The rectus abdominus are the six-pack abs, while the obliques are the muscles on the sides and back of the abdomen. Some exercises not requiring equipment include the bicycle maneuver, the reverse crunch, and the vertical leg crunch.
To reiterate the best way to tone abs requires focus and motivation, a balanced diet, and exercise four days a week. Keep your view on the outcome, eat a diet packed with high nutrition foods, and work those abs.

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