Ten Best Reasons To Be Happy: You May Already Have All That You Need To Be Happy


Some people think it's hard to be happy. That happiness eludes them, well maybe it doesn't. Here's a list I've made of the top ten best reasons to be happy and a brief reason why. Count all that apply to you. Let's see if you already have all that it takes to be happy.
1. You're breathing. From my perspective that's all that really matters. If you don't believe me, take a survey and ask 10 people, not when they are having a particularly difficult day -- Would you rather live one more hour or 1 more year and see what they have to say. For breathing you automatically get one point.
2. You're able to read this. You get 1 point for being able to read. Being able to read is such a wonderful access to information, entertainment, knowledge, escape, and joy. I could go on but I want you to keep reading.
3. You get another point for having someone who loved you enough to ensure that you were taught to read.
4. If you are reading this in your home you get one more point. (Let me define home for you: Protected shelter where you are safe. You could be renting a room, an apartment, a house, whatever may be your home) If you don't think that's reason to be happy, take a closer look next time you see someone living under the freeway.
5. If you are reading this at your work, congratulations! And, you get one more point for having a job.
6. If you are reading this from your own desk top you get 1 point for having your own computer (this is still a luxury item although many people take it for granted); and 1 point for having internet access. I love the internet at any speed -- how amazing is it that we are interconnected globally and we can get instant answers to any question if we do a Google search, or put a question on yahoo answers, and helpful strangers give us their knowledge for free and you don't have to leave your own home.
7. If you are reading this from a different electronic device give yourself 1 more point. Another luxury item, even if you think it is outdated or substandard.
8. If you are reading this from an Apple product then you get 3 happy points, 1 for having the electronic device, and 1 point because Apple has revolutionized how we connect with the world and 1 point because they are so simple to use (ironically I don't own any myself yet!)
9. If you are reading this in Starbucks or some other place with free wifi give yourself another point. I love Starbucks and being provided with wifi at the same time, decadent.
10. If this article made you smile. Give yourself a happy point for each time it made you smile. Why? Is this self-serving. Maybe, but that's not why. Did you know that smiling releases feel good chemicals and in addition to that releases muscle tension in your jaw, face, head, and I feel release in my shoulders and neck.

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