Take The New Year Fitness Resolution Challenge!

The holidays are here and there will be plenty of running around and parties to attend. It is also time for New Year's Resolutions and a lot of people make the resolution to get into shape.
The problem is that many individuals do not plan for this transition and end up quitting in three months. There are some things you can do to be successful if this is your resolution.
Expert Author Robyn CarusoThe first thing you want to do is to pick a gym where you feel comfortable. By comfortable I mean, do you like the atmosphere, is it to big or small for you, etc etc. When you check out gyms make sure it is not to far away from your home. If it is to far you are less likely to go. Try to also plan for when the best time would be to go. Is after work better for you or before work?
When you find your gym and figure out a time make an appointment for an assessment and consultation. There are some people who decide to do this after a couple months of joining. Try to see a fitness professional within the first two weeks. We are able to help you figure out a plan for your workout and keep you on track.
It is also important to not have an all or nothing mentality. If you decide to go to the gym three days a week but sometimes fall short it is OK. You want to just get back to your schedule the following week. It will take about three months to adapt to your new transition.
Another tip is to try and have fun! Look at class schedules and try new classes. If you are new to classes don't worry about keeping up with everyone else. I always suggest to clients to get to class about ten minutes early. This enables you to speak with the instructor about any injuries you may have. You may also leave class early if you need to. Some new students may only be able to do a warm up and have to leave. Remember that everyone in the class was in the same boat as you at some point.
It may seem tough to add fitness to your life at first but it will get easier. You will start to feel better overall. Many people are able to sleep much better, bring down their blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce stress, and prevent osteoporosis. The benefits are really endless and the good thing is that you are setting the stage for a healthy lifestyle as you get older. You will be able to do more and live independently longer.
Good luck to everyone this year who has fitness as one of their resolutions. You will be able succeed if you keep positive. Have a happy and healthy new year!

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