Some Tips On Puppy Kennel Training

There is a certain type of magic in getting a new puppy and those cute little critters are so adorable and cuddly. But, they do grow up and the best time to start training them is from the minute you first meet. You already bonded with each other the minute you picked up the cutest one in the litter. Now, it is time to get started with puppy kennel training.
Canines who live in the wild are very civilized in their own way because they find, or make, a 'den' where they stay in bad weather and to bear their young. Because this is an instinct with them, you can use it to your advantage in training your new puppy to welcome staying in a kennel area for its own safety and protection.
You want your puppy to think of the kennel as being their 'den', and you wouldn't want anyone pushing you into your favorite recliner. So, never push or try to force your puppy to get into the kennel. Use toys, or food treats, to encourage the puppy to follow the temptation and go on inside the kennel. Once they enter it, give them lots of praise and make it sound as if they just did the greatest thing ever done.
It will help the puppy identify with the kennel being its den if you have a nice soft kennel cushion already laid out inside the area. Don't be surprised if they use their mouth and appear to be chewing on it, they are only getting their scent on it and making themselves at home. However, if they are obviously trying to tear it up, remove them from the kennel without spanking them. Simply repeat the process of allow them to go in the kennel on their own, and in a few tries they will usually stop slinging the padding around.
For the best results, it is a good idea to leave the kennel door open so that the puppy can go in and out of it at their leisure. This only helps to reinforce the instinctive feeling that the new kennel is their den, and they will be more eager to go inside it when you need them to obey. Don't jump up and slam the door behind them, when they do go in on their own. This will only frighten them and make it impossible to ever get them to go inside of it, again.
There are different types and sizes of kennels on the market and knowing how big your puppy is going to grow into will determine what size to buy. Some people like the open air models which are made of very sturdy metal rods which are welded into place forming a 'cage'. You might want to change that name to something like, 'little room', so that your puppy will not think of it as something that is a trap. After all, you want these first moments to go as smoothly as possible in puppy kennel training.

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