Six Pack Exercises - The New Generation of Abdominal Workout

Most people used to think that six pack exercises were masses of crunches, but that was wrong. Gradually, they realized that exercise to get a six pack must focus around lowering body fat levels, and cardio was suggested. Now, cardio is fading away to make way for efficient six pack exercises that strip away body fat in record time.
This new generation of six pack exercise focuses on more explosive movements and more energy output. The primary classification of these exercises is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). They get the heart pumping at much higher rates than steady-state cardiovascular activity. This burns many more calories per minute and creates a physiological stress, much like weight lifting does, that will allow your body to continue burning extra calories for up to two days after.
The drawback of HIIT is that if done correctly, it is tough, and some may not have the willpower to stick it out. To balance out that drawback, you can get away with doing only 20 minutes of it every other day.
HIIT is exactly as it sounds and is any activity that gets the heart rate extremely high through a burst of effort, followed by a short break at a lesser period of exertion, then is repeated. The bursts are short as the aim is to get your heart rate as high as possible, and if the bursts last too long, you are pacing yourself to some degree.
The best examples of HIIT are sprinting and swimming as they allow you to integrate almost every part of your body in the effort. There are other forms that have beneficial tradeoffs though. For example, circuit training can get the heart rate up very high if done with mid range weight, high range reps, and low cooldowns. It also helps to maintain your muscles, which are often at risk when losing weight.
The best approach is to rotate what you do to keep it fresh and exciting. Lack of fun is one of the leading reasons people end up quitting their six pack exercises before they reach their goal.

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