Sex Tips - What Are the Best Times to Have Sex?

Sex is a wonderful thing and you should not restrict yourself to only having sex at a particular time or day. It should come naturally and passionately no matter it is at night or in the early morning.
Frankly speaking, there is no best time to have sex, every time and places that you can think of can be used for having sex. Let me just share with you some of the times of a day that you can initiate sex with your partner:
1. Early in the morning. When you have just gotten out of bed, try to initiate sex with your partner. It will be very energizing and fulfilling to kick off a brand new day by having a passionate sex with your partner.
2. When your partner is bathing. Sneak into the bathroom and surprise her. Cuddle her from the back and start planting soft kisses on her neck. It can even act as foreplay before the real thing kick starts in the bed.
3. When the both of you are tired after work. This is one of the most neglected times to have sex. People always think that they are just too tired to have a quickie whatsoever. But in reality, they are only limiting their minds by thinking that they are too tired. Do not limit your mind, go out and try it. Sex can help you to relax after a day of hard work.
4. When both of you are in a car. This work best if you are going to drive for a few hours, for example driving between countries or states. Stop between journey and drive to a deserted area. Have a good quickie to release the tension and make you more refreshing to drive later on.
Just bear in mind that having sex with your partner is always a good thing. Do not take it for granted. Treasure anytime that you can get to be intimate with your partner, and you will not be neglecting your partner anymore.

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