Save Money By Spending Money On The Secret Weapon

By John T Hughes 
In the first few months, or years of running a start-up business, keeping the cost down may feel like the most important task at hand. The level to which your company achieves this will have a large impact on your overall future, with every penny saved going back into the company rather than out the door.
It is for this exact reason that you may think that the idea of taking on another member of staff, when your trying to save money, is somewhat counterproductive. Normally you would be right, but if that member of staff can not only make you money, but also save you money, then it becomes a whole different matter.
There are many ways to save on costs, and each company will have their own unique approach. The important thing to remember however is that despite the temptation to squeeze every penny, sometimes a well placed investment is the most effective means of self-preservation.
An accountant is such an example, and what makes this option even more tempting is that you don't even need to employ them full time. Many accountancy firms will provide a tailored service, allowing you to use them as much or as little as you may like. The range of services that they offer can span from full-time, in-house accounting, to part time, or even just that one off service when things get too much.
Depending on how you choose to use their services, their unique understanding of your finances can be used to offer business advice, which offers guidance on when to spend and when you should hold back. An accountant can help you better understand your cash flow and take care of all the complex bookkeeping skills as well as staying up to date on all the latest tax laws and submission deadlines.
At the other end of the scale many will simply offer guidance on software that can help you with your day to day bookkeeping, only occasionally providing assistance when needed the most, or when the self assessment, and other tax deadlines are looming.
The truth is that regardless of the level of support, the most important asset an accountant will give you is time. Time to put down the calculator and get back to what your business needs you to be doing. It's what you do best, it's what you enjoy, and it's the only way that your company can grow.

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