Reasons Why Muscle Fitness Involves More Than Resistance

Lifting weights and doing body-weight exercise is great for gaining muscle mass and strength, but true muscle fitness involves more than resistance. For muscles to continue to perform optimally and possess longevity, there are other important factors to consider besides just doing routines to build them. Among other things, rest, nutrition, and flexibility all play a role in the proper conditioning and maintenance of muscle.
Rest is often overlooked as a crucial component of fitness. Allowing muscles to relax long enough wards off injury and aids in the overall health of the tissue. Good sleep and allowing 2-3 days between strenuous workouts benefits the muscles of the body by allowing them to repair and become stronger. These critical factors are best observed as much as possible to maintain muscular fitness.
Eating properly for muscle fitness is also imperative. Protein is, of course, the fuel known and targeted for great muscle size and performance. This all-important nutrient is of great importance, but the right mix of carbohydrates and fats allow for the most optimal condition for muscle health. Vitamins, too, provide the extra micronutrients that often lack in even the most ideal diet. Eating appropriately goes a long way to ensure the muscles are ready and able to perform at peak condition, and, along with stretching, allows for maximum durability.
Words are not enough to stress the roles stretching and flexibility play in maintaining great muscles for life. Warming up muscles prior to working out, as well as stretching after such, is a practice that absolutely cannot be ignored for influencing the long-term condition of muscles. If flexibility is ignored, muscles can become entirely too tight to have a full range of motion. This can also mean awkwardness in physique and function. In certain instances, it can even be cause for devastating injury requiring many long days and weeks of recovery or even surgical repair. This potential, alone, is enough to demonstrate the merit of making flexibility a priority.
Huge, strong, ripped muscles are certainly an achievement to take pride in. It is impossible to recognize the work put in to obtain such. Muscles that do not stand the test of time, though, mean very little to anyone. In order to ensure that total muscle fitness is gained and sustained, other factors involving proper rest, adequate nutrition, and constantly improving flexibility should be focused on to round out a complete plan.

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