Quick Abs - Abdominal Muscle Anatomy

If you're like most people, you think your six pack is the only ab muscle that matters for quick abs. However, your six pack is only one of the six major muscles that make up your abdomen, and you need to exercise each of these muscles to get optimal results. Before you can get quick abs, you must know where your important abdominal muscles are and how they work. Once you learn the location and function of your ab muscles, you can target those muscles more effectively and get the most out of your abs routine. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at the six major abdominal muscles:
  • Rectus abdominis - This is the most famous ab muscle because it is responsible for the six pack that we all know and love. In additional to making you look great in a swimsuit, this muscle also allows you to bend forward, and it assists in normal breathing motions. The best abs exercise for this muscle is the Bicycle Maneuver, followed closely by the Captain's Chair.
  • External oblique - This is a pair of abdominal muscles that are located on both sides of the rectus abdominis. They run diagonally down and in, forming a V-shape. They allow you to rotate your torso, flex your spine, and bend sideways. The best abs exercise for this ab muscle is the Captain's Chair, followed by the Bicycle Maneuver and the Reverse Crunch.
  • Internal oblique - This is a pair of deep abdominal muscles that are located below the external obliques. The external and internal obliques are located at right angles from each other, and as a result, they are called opposite-side rotators. When you twist your body to the left, your right external oblique and left internal oblique contract. Similar to the external obliques, the best abs exercise for this ab muscle is the Captain's Chair.
  • Transversus abdominis (also called transverse abdominis or TVA) - This is the deepest ab muscle (i.e., closest to the spine), and as a result, it has the biggest impact on your posture. It also helps with your breathing and respiration. Despite its lacking popularity, this ab muscle is just as important as the rectus abdominis for getting quick abs. The best abs exercise for this abdominal muscle is the vacuum exercise or the cat stretch.

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