Pure Fitness Gym 101

Pure Fitness Gym is a brand that has multiple locations throughout California. To be specific, there is a gym in El Cajon, Bonita, downtown San Diego, and Carlsbad. In 1992, the company was founded and has since become highly recognizable in the San Diego area. The following is a guide to Pure fitness and what they have to offer.
Every gym out there has it's fair share of cardio equipment, and Pure Fitness is no exception. They have elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, upper body ergometers, treadmills, and concept rowers. Getting your heart rate up is necessary in order to bur calories, and you will have your choice of equipment to use. Another element of Pure Fitness is their spin studio. Here, you can take a class that is fun and energetic, and at the same time you will achieve muscle tone, blow off some steam, and burn calories.
The main programs offered at Pure Fitness Gym includes basketball, swimming, resistance training, and group classes. Resistance training builds lean muscle, which in turn allows you to burn more calories even when sedentary. They have a circuit training area that is the largest in all of San Diego, as it has a 1500 square foot area just for women. Also available is a Olympic sized pool that has a constant temperature of 78 degrees. Swimming is an activity that burns calories and improves strength. The full-sized basketball allows members to either shoot around or play competitive games. Some of the group classes you can take part in include Yoga, Pilates, Spin, Self-Defense, Cardio Dance, Boot camp, Ballet, Kickboxing, and many others.
Personal training is one of the services provided by Pure Fitness. A personal trainer will develop a program suited just for you, teach you the proper techniques when exercising, and help you accomplish your goals faster. Doing the exercises correctly is essential in order to get the most out of your training and avoid injury. Having a well-developed program will prevent experiencing extreme soreness following a workout so you can continue to be active outside of the gym. You can also consult the certified nutritionist available at Pure Fitness to complement your exercise program.
Pure Fitness certainly has a lot to offer. But being a member at a gym is not an option for everyone. A better long-term investment might be to buy your own exercise equipment. This allows you to exercise from the comfort of your own home

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