Post Pregnancy Belly Wraps - Do They Work, Are They Safe, Should You Buy One?

Expert Author Sandra JamesonDepending upon who you ask, wraps new moms use to compress their tummies into pre-pregnancy shape are heaven sent. To others however the gadgets are nothing more than snake oil being sold to naive women who are so desperate for a fitness result, they will try anything to achieve it. As you read further you'll uncover the good, the bad and the so simply ugly truth regarding these devices.
The Good
The good news about these wraps is that many people swear by them, including celebrity mothers like Jessica Alba. In addition, there is medical support to suggest that by using a wrap or band to gently compress the abdominal region benefits the mom in the following ways:
  • supports the back during breast feeding
  • helps shrink the uterus to its normal size
  • reduces water retention in the belly
  • helps you lose inches fast
  • support that unwanted baggy baby skin
The Bad
It is important to point out that while post-pregnancy belly wraps have their fans, they also have their critics. These doctors and fitness professionals reject the claims that these products do anything more than give moms false hope. In fact most feel that the manufacturers are profiting from the most vulnerable people in our society.
Rather than spend any time or money on these compression garments, they suggest eating a healthy diet and exercise as the surefire way to get back into pre-pregnancy shape. What is important to note is that very few medical experts said that these devices where in any way harmful to new mothers. Their contention is that they simply do not work.
The Ugly Truth
After listening to both sides of the story, this is the ugly truth. If you believe that these wraps are the shortcut to quick losing weight after pregnancy, you are sadly mistaken. The reality is that you cannot get away from adjusting your lifestyle to include a healthy diet and rigorous exercise.
However, given that there is relatively little scientific evidence that would suggest these belly bands are harmful, it would certainly be wise to spend the $20 to $50 to get one. At worst you lose $50 but at best you have an incredible tool that when combined with proper diet and exercise can have extraordinary results.
For best results you should find the size that is appropriate for you and begin wearing it within 24 hours of giving birth. According to the healthcare professionals, you should continue to wear it for up to 6 weeks after giving birth. If you find yourself in any pain or if you experience unusual swelling, seek the advice of your doctor immediately.
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