New Ways for Kids to Master Dribbling a Basketball !

 When kids start bouncing their basketballs up and down neighborhood sidewalks, searching for a goal set-up in someone's yard or heading for the neighborhood basketball court, it's serious star-making time for little leaguers. Aspirations are high. Every red-cheeked ball bouncer believes that he or she will be a star.

 The young player will sweat and groan to make free throws and maybe even attempt the mighty three-pointer because, unfortunately, the majority believe that shooting is what the game is about. Well hey, a lot of grandmas are good at shots. Of course, making shots is the goal of the game, but the shooters must get the ball in just the right place at the right time, and the ball handlers make this happen. They are the movers and makers of the game, and dribbling is the key skill.

 Dribbling is an art and works only when the ball becomes part of the player's body. In other words, one does not need to see one's feet to know that the feet are running or walking. Just as the feet move by messages from the brain, the ball moves by messages from the ball handler. It is the most difficult of all of the basketball skills, yet there are only two main ingredients for perfection: The player's head must be up, with eyes roving the court, and the player's hands must be cupped so that the fingers are in charge of the ball with no palm contact. Sound easy? No. So how does the aspiring star develop this brotherhood with the basketball?

 Listen and believe. There are dribble gloves for elementary and adult-sized hands. These ingenious gloves leave the fingers free and with an intricate palm implantation force the hands to cup just right for finger-tip control of the ball.Frequent practice while wearing these gloves can solve half of the ball handler's problem, but there is still the problem of looking down at the ball. If the player is watching the ball bounce, he cannot spot the teammate who is open for a shot or spot the gap in defense that would open his path to the goal. As odd as they look, dribbling glasses are the solution to this problem as they are designed to cloud the sight when looking down. Both of these items will be awkward in the beginning, but the results will be amazing, plus they are fun to use.

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