New Anti-Aging Discoveries

Real Findings.
Actual testing, recording and retesting to get the same result is a very important step into understanding what will work and what won't. It's a step by step process. New ideas mostly don't work because there are Cosmic Laws that maintain balance and order. By trial and error we go to the edge of our understanding of these Laws, and then beyond. Understanding Aging is a matter of researching what actually works. When we are able to prove things work outside these Natural Laws, it is a quantum leap.
Metaphysical Laws.
The Universe is infinite and perpetual. Energy flows from one dimension into the next dimension, from level to level, place to place, higher to lower consciousness, lower to higher, inverted, converted and returning to flow again. Any block or stop to that energy flow will result in; imbalances, extremes and discomfort. Upward or downward blockages will result in the lower and higher levels not receiving enough 'life sustaining' energy or having too much, resulting in excess.
Aging is a myth.
The Aging Process is largely misunderstood. The biological mechanisms in our genes are designed to keep working. The potential for growth in our bodies is without limits. The recovery and repair mechanisms built-in, are designed to keep the body going. So why then do we age?. Mostly Aging is programming. Chemically, Physically, Metaphysically and Cosmicly and can be manipulated on these levels. Mentally, if you are told and believe that Aging is so, then you age accordingly. If you then get visual confirmation from old people around you then it must be so. This belief of Aging can be deeply subconscious and difficult to change. Conversely, if a person holds the belief that Aging is not so real then Aging has a different effect. This is only the tip of the Aging Myth.
Research into Aging.
Measuring telomeres doesn't tell us much. Many factors combine to give a Personal Aging Profile (PAP). Aging occurs when energies cease to flow into the Next Lower Energy Levels. We Age not because we have to but because energy entering our Subtle Anatomy has drastically declined. This is one of the basic 'life energy models' we understand and use right now. The basic conclusion is that; unless your Anti-aging treatments actually bring about Deep Biochemical Reversal (DBR), the Aging process will simply continue.
Hot New Success.
The Spleen (Chakra) Center is often confused with the Sacral Second Chakra. The Spleen Center is not located on the Spinal Column but to the left and above the navel at waist level. The Spleen Center is then perhaps the most misunderstood and misrepresented chakras in all charts today. The Spleen Center is the single most important 'energy center' in the body. The Spleen Center directs the FLOW and DISTRIBUTION of Higher Energies through The Mental, Emotional and Physical Planes. A Spleen Center is located and active on these dimensional levels. The Spleen Center governs the amount of life-force energy available to the rest of the body. It is a double vortex center having more force than the other chakras and disperses energy to all other chakras. Understanding these aspects about the Spleen Center becomes the Therapeutic Phenomenon that opens the door to Unlimited Life.
Basically, Aging is a myth. It is perpetuated through culture without question. However, if you want to discover How to live Forever, make real changes on the; Mental, Emotional and Physical approaches to your life. In addition, by stimulating the Spleen Center on a daily basis, this will 'top up' the Subtle Energies in the body to sustain it indefinitely.
Patrick. J. Sibraa. I treat a wide range of Health and Fitness issues. Resent research has enabled me to develop a powerful treatment method called: Chakra Balancing Therapy. This powerful safe formula, rebalances the Chakras in a coordinated way. By using Radionic Transmissions, anyone on the planet can receive help. Now, treatment and cure is just an email away!.

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