Motivate Me - Stop Procrastinating Today!

You have a deadline that's approaching way too fast - and yet you spend your precious time checking your emails, updating your Facebook status or even vacuuming. You know what you should be doing... but you just don't feel like it.
Everyone has experienced procrastination - putting off important tasks until its too late. It's a bad habit and it will stop you achieving what you are capable of in life. Be aware of that cycle where you may find yourself putting things off, realizing its too late - panicking and wishing, sighing and moaning that we should have started earlier.
Procrastination can take over your life. But it doesn't have to be in control. Here are a few tips which can help you overcome the phenomenon we know as procrastination and have you reaching for the stars.
  1. Break it down. If your task load is overwhelming you, break it down into achievable parts. If you have broken it down and still feel overwhelmed, break it down even further. You will find that smaller tasks seem so much more manageable. Once you have completed one portion, you will be more confident to move on to the next. Before you know it your entire task will be complete.

  2. Look at your workspace. Is it clean and organized? Or does even your desk make you want to cringe and go make another cup of coffee? If your environment is organized you will find you're more likely to be organized.

  3. Deadlines - and I don't mean get this done by next Monday. (This is just asking for trouble) Make yourself a series of deadlines which create a sense of urgency and force you to complete tasks on time. Know that if you don't get today's goals and tasks completed you are going to impact the rest of your week and the rest of your team.

  4. What distracts you? Do you have a news feed that pops up onto your screen? Automatic email notification? Are you following a blog or spending too much time on social media? Notice where you spend your time in the course of a day and you will find your procrastination hang ups.

  5. Talk to one of your co-workers and make a plan for your day. You can keep each other updated and inspire one another to meet your goals and tasks. This can keep you on track and spur you to achieve more goals. You can also talk to other people when you are forming larger scale goals. If you tell your family and friends about your goal to buy a house they are going to ask you about it - how much better is it to say I have started checking the real estate pages compared to procrastinating for six months and achieving nothing. When people are aware of your goals they help keep you on track!

  6. Reassess your goals periodically. This is great for the work place as well as your personal goals. If your goal was to jog two miles in twenty minutes in two months' time you will need to reassess once you have achieved your goals.

  7. Regroup - whether it's taking five minutes for a coffee break or going on vacation you need to move away from your work and goals and have a mental break. This will give you a chance to refocus and tackle your tasks and goals with a fresh mindset.

  8. Do it now - stop thinking about why you can't and simply take action. Being a perfectionist may not be in your best interests when you are working. If you are waiting for the perfect time, the perfect opportunity or the perfect lead you are wasting your time. Stop planning or brainstorming. Stop hypothesizing. Start doing.
Go out there and get started today! Break it down, plan ahead, team up and motivate each other, watch out for distractions and conquer your Achilles heel. Make your tendency to procrastinate a thing of the past.

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