Lose Weight By Dancing - Dance Fitness Review

Lose Weight By Dancing - Dance Fitness Review
Now that we are into the New Year how many of you made your resolution to lose weight and get fit? My guess is that more than half of you who made this resolution have already given up. I have found that excuses that people often use in not sticking with a weight loss and fitness program is a way for them to rationalize a failure and accept that they will never lose weight and this makes them feel better about themselves. For those who are overweight to obese it is very important to your health and overall well being to find a fitness plan and stick with it.

Do this small test to see if you can relate to any of these problems. Look at yourself in the mirror - are your thighs sagging or starting to sag, do they sway to and fro when you walk and do you have cellulite dimples front and back of your thighs? Now look behind you at your butt. No matter the size of your tush do you see cellulite there and is it starting to sag? Turn back around and look at your waist. When you put on your jeans do you see a "muffin top" or a "muffin top" that goes all the way around your waist? Do you have a protruding stomach area? Now hold your arms out to the side. Do you have or starting to get the dreaded "bat wings" which is loose flabby skin under your upper arms? OMG - No wonder you are depressed and gave up! Okay it is time to start over with dedication, determination and commitment to lose the extra weight and get fit.

Maybe going to a gym to work out is not on your list of favorite things to do and some want to lose weight but do not want to exercise and others just want to tone up. Most women want to lose weight, tone and firm up to feel beautiful, sexy and bring out the "Inner Goddess" we have hidden inside of us. We start doing workouts because we don't like the way our body looks right now and we want to look different and feel better and then give up because we are not getting the results fast enough. There is another way to get these results without use of a gym, from the privacy of your own home and is fun to do. You will need to change your mind set that you will not lose weight and get fit over night and be patient with yourself which is where determination and commitment plays a big role to reaching your goals.

Dancing is a great way to get fit and lose the weight you want to lose. When you are dancing you are moving your arms, legs, core, hips and working all your muscles at one time in unison with music. You are also burning calories, getting a Cardio Workout, toning and firming your body all through the power of Dance. Dancing makes you feel Happy, Energetic, Sexy and puts you in tune with your body. Did you know that happiness affects your body? There is a new DVD that just came out Lose Weight by Dancing that will help you get fit and lose weight through the power of dancing and was created by Theresa Stevens. You do not have to be a dancer to do this fitness routine as this was designed to help you get fit, lose weight and put you back in touch with your body.

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