Is it Easier to Learn Electric Guitar Before Learning the Acoustic Guitar?

While thinking about which kind of guitar to buy you probably have a lot of questions. Throughout my experience of guitar playing I have been around a lot of beginning guitar players along with many experts. A common topic we like to talk about is how we learned to play. Basically, most guitar players tell me they started on the acoustic guitar. When I was learning to play back about 10 years ago I only listened to music with electric guitars in them, and I really was not in to acoustic music at that stage in my life. So my first guitar was an electric and it might have been the best decision I made because it sure made my learning process easier.
The first reason it made my learning process easier was that I loved that guitar. Back when I was 14, I would literally blast the music in my room and crank up my small amp and play along with the music. I'm sure my parents hated it but it sure paid off.
After about a month of having the guitar without instruction my parents decided to buy lessons for me. They were once a week for about an hour. The lessons really were able to teach me basic chords, little blues riffs, and parts of my favorite songs.
The reason why I'd recommend to learn electric guitar is because it is fun and easy. Fun meaning they are loud, and it really kept me motivated to learn, and easy because I was not having much trouble pushing the frets down. I'm not saying my fingers did not hurt, they still did after hours of playing but not too much.
I learned later as I became a guitar teacher, and began teaching kids how to play, that it is really hard to learn on acoustic guitar and that I was fortunate to learn on an electric.
Parents buy their kids acoustic guitars for many reasons. They are quieter, they sound prettier (to them), and of course they can be easily carried. What these parents do not know is that, you can still hear an electric guitar without an amp. It is actually must quieter than an acoustic.
Kids should not be learning guitar for their parents. Although half the kids I teach want to learn on the acoustic, the others were forced. Having a kid learn to play something they do not want to is a waste of time and money.
So here are the reasons why it is easier to learn electric guitar before learning acoustic guitar. I can tell you right now that if I would have started on acoustic guitar, I do not know if I would love guitar so much today. Just the fact that my favorite guitar players used electric guitars made me want to play one, and get good at it. Also it's fact that it is easier for peoples fingers to start on an electric guitar because the strings are easier to push down. These reasons prevented me from getting frustrated and kept me on track for success.
Either guitar is a good choice to learn on, just make sure it is the one you want. Know that if you choose to learn to play guitar with an acoustic that your fingers will hurt more then if you were to learn on an electric.
No matter if you are learning to play guitar on acoustic or electric the best lessons I have found except for my lessons of course are the ones I reviewed in these two blogs I made below. Good luck with your learning and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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