How to Tighten Sagging Skin After Weight Loss

Losing weight has great benefits not just for your physical body but also to the quality of your life. However, some people may encounter sagging skin right after they lost their weight.
But sagging skin should not stop you from losing weight. Remember, sagging skin can be prevented if you only knew how to deal with your skin while losing weight.

The most important thing to remember to avoid sagging skin is to prevent drastic weight loss. Those diet fads that promise you to lose weight quickly can be bad for your health. Those programs that promise you to lose weight in 5 to 7 days can really be tempting however, if it is extreme, It may lead to dehydration of your body and your skin. Dehydration of skin may result to lose of elasticity, which may lead to sagging skin.

Likewise, rapid weight loss may not give enough time to your skin to adjust to your new body frame. The ideal weight loss is just one or two pounds a week, this will prevent sagging skin in the future.
Then, to tighten skin, applying moisturizer is required. A good moisturizer may add 70% of moisture to the skin. This is important because as you lose weight, the moisture is needed to keep elasticity of the skin, so as the body shrinks, the skin will also follow.

Drinking multivitamins is also another way to tighten the skin. We know that cutting too much calories may prevent us from getting all the nutrients needed by our skin. Taking a multivitamins, which include vitamin A, C and E as well as other vitamins like B-complex, may do wonders for your skin.
Finding a multivitamins, which also include copper and zinc, may also boost healthy skin.

Aside from multivitamins, drinking lots of water is also important. Drinking eight glasses of water daily also maintain the moisture of your skin. It also aid in flushing out the toxin of the skin making your skin appears more healthier.

Caffeinated beverages are not included in drinking water. Beverages that contain caffeine are diuretic, thus, causing your body to lose more water from your system.
Another way to tighten skin is to use weights in your exercise. Even though you already lost a significant weight, it is still important that you lift weight. Using weights can build more muscle, which can really plump your skin. This process will make your skin appear tighter.
In the end, exercising will also guarantee that you will not regain back the weight that you already lost.

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