How To Lose Weight Without Struggle

Expert Author JoLynn BraleyWouldn't you love to lose weight without any struggle? After all, who doesn't know how to lose weight here and there, shed a few pounds, only to have them (and more!) come back?
Who doesn't know how to force themselves to eat better and exercise, while all along they are fighting those inner urges to eat all of those foods they really want... the foods they wish they could stop eating so that they can lose weight!
Not only that, but what about forcing yourself to get to the gym, when on the inside you struggle and fight with yourself to get there? Is that any way to lose weight without struggle?
And then, with all of that inner struggle going on, is it any wonder that you're not able to stay consistent over the long haul and lose weight once for good?
Is it any wonder that the weight never stays off... that instead you are constantly struggling and battling with your own inner urges to eat in the way that gives you the opposite of what you want. When the truth is that what you really want is a fit, healthy, slender body. Yes?
Of course in order to get that fit body, you do need to eat in a certain way and move your body (exercise) in a certain way. On top of that you must continue a way of life to maintain that body. But how can you 1) get the weight off and 2) keep it off when it's such a battle for you to even get started and then keep on going?
Good news: It doesn't have to be this way! Weight loss and weight maintenance is actually very easy, once you attend to your Inner Self first. The root of your lifelong struggles with food and your weight must be healed and once it is then you will already have a good piece of the puzzle in place. The puzzle which will make weight loss and weight maintenance easy for you.
If you were to heal whatever is causing your inner urges to overeat and avoid exercise before embarking on yet another diet and exercise program, then you would lose weight without struggle. It would literally be a snap.
Imagine if you truly wanted to eat healthier foods - those foods that you already believe will give you the body of your dreams.
Imagine wanting those foods more than all of those unhealthy foods you currently crave.
Imagine wanting to go to the gym, looking forward to working out!
What if you could do this without struggle? Just like today, how it's not a struggle for you to eat the junk food and stay home on the couch. You don't have to fight with yourself to do that, do you. It's easy for you, and it's comfortable.
I do understand though, that it's easy for me to tell you this, but then your next question is "How in the world DO I do this?", and that's a great question!
The truth is that it's very difficult to do on your own, because what must be done in the end is you must get a weight loss mindset. A weight loss mindset is 90% of the game of lasting success with your weight. Diet and exercise is a lonely 10%. The exciting part is that the 10% becomes easy once the 90% is addressed fully!
But only a portion of getting a weight loss mindset has to do with healing the root of your lifelong battle of the bulge, which is 90% an Inner Problem. And there are several reasons it is so difficult to get a weight loss mindset on your own. One of the reasons is simply because you cannot be objective with your own "stuff". Why? Because you live IN it.
The quickest way to lose weight without struggle (which means you must have a weight loss mindset) is to work with a proven professional who provides a solid, proven, step-by-step system that has already worked for others before you. Then all you need to do is the same steps they did to get the results they've already gotten: struggle-free weight loss. Exciting!
A first step you can take now is to grab my FREE 5-Day E-course, to discover what's REALLY been stopping you from losing weight for good (and what to DO about it!). Get it while it's still available!
JoLynn Braley The F.A.T. Release Coach mentors exceptional women (and a few cool men!) to permanent weight loss through her step-by-step proven System to a weight loss mindset, The Inner Self Diet™. Even after struggling for most of your life with food and your weight, once you have a weight loss mindset you'll finally make weight loss easy for yourself!

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