How To Augment The Results And Durability Of Sun Laboratories Self Tanner

By Haywood Hunter

Innovations in modern products allow one to achieve a natural bronze without spending time in the sun. A glowing skin doesn't have to come with increased aging potential and a higher risk of skin cancer. Sun Laboratories Self Tanner will produce a natural looking tan if it is applied well. There are methods of application that enhance results.

Skin preparation is an important part of using Sun Laboratories Self Tanner. Thoroughly exfoliating the epidermis will make results much more natural. The skin's roughest areas tend to collect more pigment, which produces an uneven look. To prevent this unattractive result, the skin's driest areas should be treated, concentrating on the elbows and knees.

Depilation before application of Sun Laboratories Self Tanner will enhance tone after the product has been applied. A moisturized skin will receive tanning products better, but applying them immediately before application can produce uneven results. To achieve a plump but oil free skin, shave using body oil and apply moisturizer directly after showering during the week preceding application of Sun Laboratories Self Tanner.

The method of application of Sun Laboratories Self Tanner will enhance the evenness of the results. Using circular motions will enhance evenness. When this method is used, streaking should not occur.

Sun Laboratories Self Tanner is most efficient on heated skin. To warm up the dermis, it's useful to apply product before bedtime. The body heats up during sleep, and this temperature will improve the end result of the product. Modern lotions don't stain fabric, but it's safest to sleep with old linen.

Unnaturally pigmented cuticles and palms immediately tell the world one's tan comes from a bottle. To omit the risk, the cuticles should be treated with Vaseline, and latex gloves should be worn when putting on the lotion. When using a spray on product, toenails should also be treated with Vaseline. The hands must always be rinsed well after application.

Consistent application can be challenging when a product doesn't produce an immediate hue. To improve results in this case, systematic methods are useful. Rub in Sun Laboratories Self Tanner in phases so that no parts of the body are forgotten.

The feet naturally tan in a different way to the rest of the body, so application of Sun Laboratories Self Tanner needs to mimic this effect. The product should be applied from the ankles downward using a buff at the feet area. This should result in a more natural look. Afterwards, the nails should be washed.

Hands and wrists need some product too, so that unnatural tan lines aren't produced. Put Sun Laboratories Self Tanner onto the wrists using a buff. The hands need a thinner coating of lotion, and the nails should be cleaned thereafter.

Product should be cleaned off well the next morning. Good maintenance will ensure a longer lasting, even tan. To increase durability, exfoliation and moisturizing should be continued regularly. This will ensure even fading. Sun Laboratories Self Tanner contains moisturizer and an instant tint that helps one to apply the product evenly. After three hours, a deeper tone will develop.

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