How Can I Learn Spanish Faster and Easier?

Learn Spanish Faster and Easier
When you take a Spanish language immersion program, you still need to augment your efforts by using additional methods to learn Spanish faster and easier. While a language immersion program practically guarantees you to communicate extensively throughout your day, there are some additional aids to help speed you along the path to Spanish language fluency. Let's look at a few frequently-asked questions on Spanish language acquisition and suggestions to respond to them.
What are the best materials to use to study Spanish?
To speed up the Spanish language learning process, you might consider using a variety of different materials in conjunction with your language immersion program. Some of these might include an audio-visual language course, using a bilingual dictionary to help with acquiring new vocabulary, listening to music in Spanish and regularly watching television programs in Spanish. Reading a local newspaper, magazines and books in Spanish will also help. Don't forget to pick up a good grammar reference and phrase book too. These can soon prove to be indispensable in your language learning efforts at home and abroad.
How can I practice Spanish outside of class?
There are many ways to practice your Spanish outside of classes. It is important to practice every day to continually build your Spanish language skills by not only having conversations with whoever, wherever and whenever you can, but by also including reading different kinds of materials, learning songs and writing in a journal or diary each day to describe your experiences, among other possibilities.
What's the best way to improve my listening comprehension skills in Spanish?
By far, listening to Spanish radio programs like talk shows, sports commentary and the news go a long way in improving Spanish language listening skills. Karaoke is not only fun but effective in building both pronunciation and listening comprehension skills. Eavesdrop (unobtrusively, of course) on conversations on the street, bus, train or subway. Listen to people at stores, shops and markets. Even try to pick up on chats between sales clerks and customers. Listen to the street vendors as they hawk their wares.
Is there a good way to learn Spanish idioms and expressions?
Total immersion allows you to almost continually be exposed to the Spanish language throughout virtually all of your waking day. Another great aid to learning colloquial Spanish idioms and expressions is watching a soap opera, called "novela" in Spanish each day. These normally are broadcast during prime time TV watching hours of 6 pm to 10 pm. Your phrase book may also contain some useful idioms and expressions.
Besides talking to people, what are other good ways to practice my pronunciation?
Almost any speaking activity you can practice will help you to develop your pronunciation. Reciting poetry, reading aloud and lip-syncing are all helpful too. If you can record yourself, even better. Then you have the option of playing back your voice and listening to how you sound compared with native speakers.
If I want to improve my vocabulary, what activities do you recommend?
Playing any number of word games, doing crossword puzzles in Spanish and reading a contemporary book, magazine or novel require you to manage up-to-date idioms and expressions used in Spanish especially in the country where you are taking a total immersion Spanish program. Play Scrabble or Boggle and purchase o variety puzzle paperback at a bookstore or news stand.
Do you know the fastest way to develop good Spanish speaking fluency?
The technique of mimicking is very useful in quickly developing Spanish speaking fluency. The trick is to select and watch a person in a TV program, video or contemporary movie and mimic everything they say out loud, word-for-word. Try to match the exact same rhythm, intonation, speed and flow of the person you're mimicking. Watch not only their mouth and speech organs movement, but their facial expressions and body language as well.
What others ways can I boost my Spanish speaking skills?
For even more intensity during an immersion period, why not try using Spanish training programs and activities online? If you are sufficiently fluent (and brave) taking a culture-related course or activity will quickly boost your skills. As will joining a club or social group that reflects your personal interests, where the other participants are Spanish speakers.
These suggestions represent but a few of the myriad ways available to augment your Spanish language immersion program efforts by using additional methods to help you to learn Spanish faster and easier.

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