Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Bodybuilding and Fitness Friends

Do you know someone who is a total fanatic about hitting the weights, knocking out cardio, training very hard in the gym, living healthy, and looking their best? Well, the holiday season is upon us and this is a great time of year to let them know exactly how much they mean to you. Here are some holiday gift ideas that will help them to move closer to reaching their health & fitness goals, and allow you to check them off your holiday shopping lists!
Workout Equipment
Check out their home gym and see what they have, and what they're missing. Keep a Sports Authority or JCPenney's catalog sitting around, and ask them for advice on what equipment you should buy for yourself. Ask them which pieces they have, and which they wish they owned. If they train at a commercial gym, you may discover they would sure enjoy a new back brace or pair of workout gloves, or perhaps some shoes, to complement their workout. Check out their shoes sitting by the door and text the number to yourself, and find the perfect present!
Look in the cabinet of your friend and see what protein power he or she frequently uses. If you have a smart phone, use it to scan the barcode or just take a clear picture of the product to ensure you purchase the right item. Pick up a new flavor if you really want to spice things up for your very fit friend!
Gift Cards
Why not let your musclebound friend pick out his or her own present with a gift card to their favorite nutritional store. There are supplement shops in every city. When in doubt, you can rest assured that your very hard-training friend likes to eat. So a gift card to the grocery store will also suffice!
Gym Memberships
If you know what gym your buddy attends, you can always present him or her with an extra 6 months or year of the gym! Or perhaps tack on some à la carte sessions with a personal trainer. If your friend has been lagging in the motivation department lately, schedule him or her a date with a trainer guaranteed to deliver some new drive in the gym!
Tanning, Massage & Makeover
Everybody lifts to look good and feel good, and there is nothing like a quick tan, a massage, or a makeover to alleviate soreness, bring out muscle detail, or just have your friend looking better than ever. A $100 gift card to a full-service salon can often deliver all three, and that can't be beat!
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