Fight Abdominal Fat - How to Speed Abdominal Fat Loss

With the bikini season ahead of us and we want so badly to lose that darn belly fat so we can put on a swimming suit feeling comfortable and, why not? proud of how well we look. At winter season it is almost impossible not gain a couple of pounds and then it is very hard to lose them, specially if they´ve gone straight to your belly. I can tell you that it is totally possible for all of us to have a healthy and nice looking set of abs.
First, remember that most people do lose weight easily, the problem is that they only lose it to bounce back again. You have to understand that you need to re-shape you lifestyle to a healthier one. So be prepared to make some adjustments to your diet and physical activity. You will need to find a balance between your diet, exercise and sleep habits. Don´t worry, it is easier than you think! - just keep reading.
It is actually a relief to know that you can lose your belly fat by procuring a good nutrition. Starvation will not help you to get rid of your abdominal fat. You might see good results on the near future but sooner than you wish, your body triggers into starvation mode and all the fat in your belly sticks there for good. You need to follow a nutrition plan that keeps your metabolism at an optimal fat burning level.
One approach to this is consuming only unprocessed and organic foods. Forget about pills, supplements and diet foods. Specially diet foods! Mike Geary, author of the best seller "Truth about Abs" book and fitness program, has dedicated his career teaching us about the dangers of those alleged as "healthy and diet foods". In this article, I don´t want to get into medical jabber, but in short, when you eat these "diet foods" (or any processed food for that matter) what happens is that your body can´t digest it, so your body decides not to even try at that moment and sends it straight to your fat reserve. My recommendation is too to stay away form processed foods and opt for more natural choices that your body will be able to burn fast. Mike also expands on what foods actually help you burn fat faster by stimulating your body to produce Fat Burning Hormones.
Your endocrine system produces fat burning hormones and fat storing hormones. There are 6 fat burning hormones: insulin-like growth factor, glucagons, thyroid, testosterone, adrenaline and human growth hormone (HGH). The more these hormones work, the better your body is able to fight abdominal fat (and all other fat in stored in your body). The goal is to maintain a good balance between these two type of hormones.
Once you have your optimal nutrition plan on, next you have to focus on your fitness program. It has been proven by doctors a strong link between excessive exercise routines and elevated Cortisol levels in the body, and Cortisol leads to storing fat, specifically belly fat. In his book, Mike recommends to have a 30 to 50 minute routine without cardio, and for only three days a week. You don´t even need to go to the gym, as he only uses minor equipment that you can surely find at your place. There is no need to pay extra for a personal trainer and a gym membership, unless you just want to go to show off your new set of abs.
The easier step is this: Sleep at least 7 hours without interruption. Yes, it is that easy! You see, once you are eating the right foods and doing the right exercises your body has released growth hormones. During your sleep, your body takes this hormone and converts it to insulin-like growth hormone. This hormone maintains your sugar in an optimal level, allowing your body to burn fat. Remember that for this to happen you do need to be sound asleep, as this process only occurs when you have reached deep stages of your sleep cycle.
Additionally, all fitness and diet programs recommend you to track your progress in systematized journals, which is quite handy. But do remember that you shouldn´t be obsessed with this as you can get frustrated very quickly, you are most likely to be your own worst critic and might end up unmotivated to continue your program. You need to be cheerful and positive if you want to lose weight as easily and painless as possible.
Now you now how easy it is to fight abdominal fat. You just need to remember 3 principles: Keep a balanced diet avoiding processed foods, do a high impact but short exercise routine and sleep well. If you follow these simple steps you will see results very quickly. It is really not that hard! Choose today to live a healthier life and lose that hideous belly fat.

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