Dog Kennel Plans - Building a Dog House For Your New Family Addition

My husband came home one day with an old stray dog, who looked like he did not have a friend in the world. He smelled so bad and did not have a clue that our bathroom was not for his use. I told my husband that he would have to stay outside for the time being and as such would need some kind of shelter against the cold wind and the rain.
My darling husband went inside and typed in dog kennel plans searching on the internet. He told me that there were so many options available when you wanted a dwelling place for your dog. He showed me the one he chose. It was a solid wooden kennel, which also included a dog run as well. There was no guarantee that "Muttley" would get a walk every day, so he needed to have some freedom of movement without risking the wrath of our neighbors.
The important thing to remember when looking for a kennel is that it needs to be sturdy, comfortable for your dog, and big enough! The materials that you use to build it need to be weather and dog proof and safe for the dog as well. Some dogs like to chew so using a pressure treated timber might be strong but not particularly healthy for your pet.
The parts of the kennel that your dog cannot get at, can be built with the pressure treated timber but the other areas where he or she can get to it would be better built out of a wood like cedar that is strong, safe and weather resistant.
When you are looking at plans for your dog's kennel make sure that he has plenty of room both in and out of the sun, and that the unit is well ventilated. Including a hut type shelter where your pet can be protected from cold and wet weather is important, and make sure that you have some warm bedding in there for them as well.
As mentioned before, make sure that the run is big enough that your dog has room to move, especially if you cannot get to exercise them regularly. He needs a decent amount of space to maintain good health. The other thing to note is that if he is confined to his kennel for long periods of time, he is likely to get bored and either cry, howl, or get destructive, so the kennel at least needs to be teeth and claw proof as much as possible.
Choose your dog kennel plans with all these factors in mind and your pet will appreciate a well thought out space to call his ow

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