Challenging The Weight Loss Status Quo

By Joel Broughton 
If losing weight is so easy then why isn't everyone in perfect shape and their ideal weight?
It's actually not the activities and lifestyle changes that are the hard part with maintaining your ideal weight or just taking off those extra nagging pounds. The problem tends to be two-fold. The weight loss industry promises instant quick-fix results and we are all too busy to take care of our bodies.
Big time weight loss advertisers have known for years how to get in the heads of consumers. Promise them overnight or instant results if they just buy their pills, gadgets, DVD's or diet plans. But do any of these really work. Here's the skinny...
They do work to get you short term results. But, the problem with them all is that they make changes to your lifestyle that are painful, time consuming, or just downright too hard to maintain over an extended period of time. And of course they want you to immediately change everything overnight.
Sure if you radically change your life overnight you can get fast results. But the problem aren't the fast results, it's the mental toll that this takes on you. Your body and mind reject the new way of living because honestly, as human beings, we're programmed to avoid change. We like to be comfortable and generally protect the way we've always done things at all costs. That's why as soon as your quit your new diet or exercise program, you rebound so far the other way to compensate for that pain, that you will actually gain back more weight than when you started in the first place.
One of the main reasons why you can't sustain these results long term is because you're busy. You have relationships, kids, jobs, friends, activities, meals, relaxing time, driving in rush hour, and then when you're day is finally done you still need to sleep.
Who has time to work on losing weight or some crazy new weight loss program? And if you don't have time to take care of your body at the basic level, you normally don't have time or the energy to take off the excess pounds that you've accumulated over the years.
Want a simple solution to both of these systematic weight loss problems?
Instead you should seek a weight loss solution that slowly changes your lifestyle over the course of time with small changes. Doctors and Fitness trainers agree that lifestyle changes are the way to go when it comes to weight loss and they're in a constant battle with the Diet and Weight Loss Industry about it.
Try implementing small lifestyle changes into your life like drinking more water every day, or eating smaller meals more times per day. These changes will immediately start to help boost your metabolism and bring your body back into a better functioning state.

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