Can Vitamin B12 Help Weight Loss

You may have heard claims of B12 shots producing significant weight loss in no time. You also may have heard scientists say that there's no proof B12 helps you lose weight (but it has been proven to keep you from gaining it). So what's the truth? What is B12 and does it really help you lose weight?
B12 is a nutrient we naturally get in our diets. It is vital for out body to function normally. A B12 deficiency can have serious effects on your body. Would you make a cake a purposely leave out the flour, sugar, or baking soda? Of course not. When you leave an important ingredient out, the cake just does not work right. Your body is the same way. If you're lacking an important nutrient like B12, your body just does not work right. By adding this vital nutrient to your system, you're letting your body operate more effectively and efficiently. This improves your overall health and helps you lose weight.
B12 gives you a great energy boost. While this may not take off the pounds in itself, it can get you up and moving. Many people don't exercise because they're just too tired at the end of a long day. With this extra energy, you can go to the gym or even just take a walk around the block. Plus, if you find your energy level dragging between shots, you can get more B12 in your diet to keep yourself going.
B12 boosts your metabolism. This means that you digest your food faster and burn more calories just by sitting there. And the more calories you burn, the fewer calories you store as fat. Plus, if you increase your exercise level, you'll boost your metabolism even more!
If you've looked into B12 shots, you've probably noticed they're a bit pricey; usually about $65 a piece. As I mentioned earlier, we all have B12 in our system that come from the food we eat. While getting shots may be a bit more potent, you can get more B12 into your system by adding it into your diet. Don't try pills, they don't work as well. Just eat more foods that are rich in B12. Some suggestions for food high in B12 include: clams, liver, trout, and salmon. You can also find foods, such as breakfast cereal that have been fortified with B12 and other vitamins and minerals.
There are many arguments for and against B12. There are scientists who will claim that there's no proof of its effectiveness, but what about the thousands of people who say they've lost weight? The key to losing weight is that there's no magical shot or pill, you have to work at it. However, combined with diet and exercise, B12 could be the boost your system needs to finally take those extra pounds off.

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