Can A Musician Be Happy Learning How To Play A New Guitar?

I found my Yamaha FG700s when I was browsing the local music stores for the best beginner's acoustic guitar. I say "my Yamaha FG700s" because I consider it the best thing that has happened to me. This six string guitar has made me so happy I cannot tell you. I only had to pay $199 for it, and the black and white body design is just what I was looking for!
Well, I am not here to run praises for the FG700s that I own, but since I am here, I might as well talk a little about how wonderful it is. It consists of a rosewood fingerboard and a high gloss natural finish along with a tortoise shell pick guard body that protects it from the normal wear and tear from strumming. But, I won't ramble on about it here. I'll let you have more fun discovering everything about your own Yamaha FG700S!
I am a beginner when it comes to guitars, and I have had a heck of a good time with this one already. My guitar teacher tells me that I made a fine choice by buying this one. I had a ball of a time playing the guitar for my friends who obviously thought this was a professional instrument even though it just cannot sound like a Martin which costs over $3500! My friend who owns a recording studio tells me it sounds great when played in a recording environment. Yes, he asked me to demonstrate it in a studio environment, and I was only too happy to oblige!
I usually like strumming my Yamaha FG700a to soft songs, and it was such a surprise to strum it successfully with hard rock songs. That's right, even unplugged hard rock songs! This FG700S knows its business. I am hoping that it will last through my first gig (whenever that may be) because I have become so comfortable with this guitar and would like to begin my music performing career with it. From what people tell me about it and from the reviews that are on the Internet, I can safely bet this is not going to be a problem.
Playing a Yamaha FG700s gives me all the musical pleasure I can hope to get! My fingers do not hurt when I play this guitar as has happened with several other guitars, and while this particular one may be a problem for someone with a slighter body build, it works just great for me. Of course, it does not consist of the bells and whistles of models which are more expensive and consequently of better quality, but for $200 it is well worth it! Even though I am not a seasoned player yet, I hate the buzzing noises and poor resonance some even pricier models make. That noise takes all the fun out of playing something so beautiful.
I have been told that I should replace the plastic saddle of my FG700S as it is not of that great a quality compared with an ivory one. I am contemplating making that cosmetic adjustment to my guitar. Apart from this, nothing can compare to the dozens of happy hours I have spent so far playing my Yamaha FG700s!
As a musician, I appreciate many instruments and especially enjoy the challenge of learning how to play a new instrument. The guitar offers that challenge as I'm learning how to play the yamaha fg700s [] acoustic guitar. I found other guitars to consider at Best Guitar To Buy [] that you might like, too.

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