How to be happy ?

Here's the Farzomatic tip of the day for cultivating happiness.
Many times, in seeking happiness or trying to cultivate happiness we get stuck in a very selfish rut of just focusing on "me, me, me!" This happiness tip requires shifting the gaze off self, for a moment, and is based off the universal law of giving and receiving. If we want to receive something from the universe, first give that same thing to someone else. But now, make sure your giving is done from an authentic place - you can't trick the universe with fakery!
Expert Author Farzana KhanSo, if you want happiness, make some else happy! What you give, with a genuine heart and motive, is given right back to you. We see this law in motion everyday. It's such a simple law and it works! Try it out today. Get outta your own swirl of, "I'm not happy, how can I turn my mind around to happier thoughts when everything in my life sucks!" And instead, do something to make someone else happy. Do something to make your spouse/partner happy, your kid, someone else's kid, your cat/dog, your friend, your boss, your co-worker, your family, a neighbor, anyone!
Making someone happy doesn't have to be something huge, start small. Start with a smile, a kind word, a generous gesture, a little comfort, a small gift, listen, give your left-over lunch to a homeless, spare some change. And remember, the best thing you can ever share is yourself, a little of your time, your presence, your true and awesome energy. In being fully present for some one else you have the added benefit of getting outta the noise of your own head for a while. As you make others happy, happiness will rebound back at you in amazing ways.
Try it, you'll like it! And, what better season to practice this whole giving and receiving concept?! ;0) Naturally, I have a nice track to share, on this very idea of making others happy, as a way to be happy. Enjoy!
Hi, my name is Farzana. I am a life coach. I shepherd people out of the darkness of their stuck places and into the light of their achieved goals and dreams. I teach people how to be happier, mentally, spiritually and physically.
The Farzomatic experience and philosophy is that if you can change your mind, your perspective, your attitude, then you can change your life. Of course, all of this is much easier said than done, right? We can all change our minds and attitudes for a couple of hours and maybe even for a couple of days, but then we just slip back into our usual ways. And then we wonder why we can't get ahead, move forward, change, overcome self-defeating habits. This is why people need coaches - to keep them on track.

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