Building Abdominal Muscle For the Rock Hard Abs You've Got to Have

We all know that six-pack abs are probably the most sought after body feature. I don't know anybody who does not want to shrink their waistline, lose body fat, curb lower back pain and develop rock-hard six-pack abs.
Building six-pack abs does not require expensive workout equipment. There is an extreme amount of money spent on abdominal gadgets every year. I could go on about the infomercial world on this subject for days; but I know that you have seen it all. You don't need those products, period!
Building a wall of awesome abs will not require hundreds of crunches a day. Crunches are decent but as you will find later in this article, they are not the centerpiece exercise for building a massive ab wall.
Another misconception, you do not have to starve yourself with some kind of restrictive diet to build the abs you want. Starving yourself will make your body hold on to fat, which covers your abs, which you don't want. So no crazy diets! Fat burning pills are not required in your quest to build rock hard abs. The notion of using pills to burn fat is questionable at best. Now don't be discouraged we plan to get into the best methods for getting your rock hard abs shortly.
Some People Need To Re-Think Abdominal Muscle Building
For some reason it is normal to put a lot of effort and attention into building the chest, triceps, legs, back, and every other muscle group leaving the abs as the last muscle group to receive work after you are whipped. The same things needed to grow muscle on other parts of your body are in play with the abs. High intensity weight training, overload, consistency and a healthy surplus of calories.
Consider Changing The Sequence Of Your Workouts
Use common sense in prioritizing your workouts. That is, if your abdominals are the body part that is the most out of pocket so to speak, then don't be afraid to work them first or at least earlier in the workout. I know I know conventional wisdom says to work them last, but there is no evidence of more or better success with this theory. Ask yourself, which body part gets the most of your effort, the ones you work early or late in your workout routine? It's the muscle groups you training early in your workouts of course.
Your Genetics and Abdominals
Yes good old genetics, our wonderful bodies have these predetermined conditions that are different for each person. We cannot obviously change them so my advice is to revel in the uniqueness of your genetics. Train your abs to build the best four, six or eight pack that your genes allow. The good thing is that when your body fat levels are around 5-7% you are guaranteed to have an impressive ab-wall.
In order to train your abdominals effectively you must know the basic movement patterns of your abs and train them within all sub-categories:
o Truck Flexion (upper abs)
o Hip Flexion (lower abs)
o Rotation (obliques)
o Lateral Flexion (obliques)
Most books and articles revolve the bulk of the ab exercises around the trunk flexion that is better known as 'upper ab' exercises. A full sit up is a perfect example of this.
Yes, that is the secret! You have to know and work ALL of the abdominal regions. Now, to find a complete, safe, and effective program go to the following site for reviews of several professionally designed workout programs, make a choice and get started.
Take a look at the link below and do something! Really think about it! Where will you end up. We can no longer depend on corporate types to secure our families. You have to do something.

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