Bodybuilding to Lose Weight

The idea of using bodybuilding to lose weight may not sound appealing to you because of the image that is often associated with weight lifting and that is bulked out muscle bound bodies.
However if done right lifting weights can help you reach your fitness goals and you will end up with a lean body in the process!
However a major benefit of using bodybuilding to lose weight is you are burning calories during rest, which can be while you are watching television or sleeping. It must be noted here that the process of fat burning does not start the first day of lifting weights.
The more weightlifting you do the more muscle you build therefore fueling the fat burning furnace. After a few months of weight training you will notice your body actually gets warmer after you eat a meal, which is the furnace burning your calories!
If you are sick and tired of just losing weight for an occasion or just for summer then starting a weight training program is a dream come true. The idea is to create a lifestyle rather than get in shape after you have put on too much fat! It is time to break the cycle, create a way of life that will keep you in shape year round instead of playing catch up all the time!
Another note to the female that is concerned about getting bulked up and not looking feminine, useless you are constantly increasing your weights you are not going to bulk up using bodybuilding to lose weight, you will tone your body by building muscle and when you reach the desired tone do not increase the weights dramatically.
Another benefit of resistance training is it will get you motivated to do more once you start to notice the pounds dropping off and you can also incorporate some cardio workouts to your routine. Decide on a few days each week to do weight training and the other days of the week to do cardio workouts.
When you start bodybuilding to lose weight it is an excellent idea to journal your workouts so you can track your progress and know which body parts need to be worked on. Using the same routine day after day will not get the toned, sculptured body you desire. At first you can work the major muscle groups to build up a core foundation but at some point you will need to focus on key areas.
The idea of muscle bound bodies should be replaced with an image of a toned, sculptured body that has lean muscle rather than too much body fat. Using bodybuilding to lose weight can also improve your posture, your balance and help you resist health issues.
If possible it is a good idea to get a personal trainer to help with your workout routines and they will also serve as a motivator. There are thousands of online websites that offer tips and information about weight lifting, workout routines, equipment and other fitness ideas.

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