Bodybuilding: Have You Got What It Takes to Build Lean Muscle Mass?

By Jaboc James

 Achieving the most amazing lean and muscular physique is not easy, unless you are one of those gifted individuals who can gain lean muscle mass while eating a high calories diet, and not gain any fat. It takes a consistent dedication to your gym work, your diet and nutrition plan and your overall lifestyle. You either have 'it' or you don't.

 What I mean by that is that you either have that dedication to your body and will do whatever it takes to gain improvements with the end result being incredibly lean and muscular - or you think you have it, and other lifestyle 'choices' push your workout regime and diet to the side, while you 'enjoy life'. What Type of Mindset Do You Have? My suggestion is there are two types of people who pick up weights with the good intention of improving the way they look.

 One is one hundred percent motivated and absolutely determined to achieve a goal, like myself and my training partner. The other type of person doesn't even belong in a gym! They are only half driven by some hallucination that they want to look fantastic, and usually have many reasons why they can't workout. I had a training partner like that many years ago. After a couple of months of working out together, I had to 'fire' him because he just did not have what it takes to hit goals, or even set them! It is a very sad mentality. You know, all these types of people have to do, is turn up to the workout - that is usually the biggest effort, psychologically. When they get there, it is not a problem putting in the physical.

 I don't know how many times I heard things like, "I've had a busy day, I'm too tired to get to the gym", or "It's too cold to workout", or "Last weeks workouts killed me, so I need to take it easy this week". Maaan, I got sick of hearing that stuff. It even got a little depressing to hear at one point. So if you hear that kind of thing from the people around, get away from them as quick as you can or they could ruin your workout session. Seriously. People like you and me (I'm guessing you are made like me, as you are still reading) get to our workouts no matter what. It would take a tsunami to keep us away, wouldn't it? Or a six foot snow drift. We are getting to that gym what ever it takes.

We ARE going to shout at the heavy dumbbells, and we are sure going to complete all of our sets, reps and going to get that workout done in the shortest time possible, so we can get out of the gym and eat. And grow! I have loved lifting weights since I was about fifteen. My first set was a couple of plastic orange juice bottles which I filled with sand. They had handles which were near the top, so lifting them to do bicep curls was very uncomfortable because it placed a lot of stress on my wrists. If only I had known how that I could do 'hammer curls' instead, eh? I loved the pump and burn in my biceps, that I was totally hooked from that young age. You Must Have a Deep Embedded Enthusiasm Having this kind of enthusiasm is what will really make the difference, and determine if this sport is really for you.

If you don't have this type of enthusiasm, I am sorry to say that you are probably going to end up as one of the 'second types' of people who will visit the gym now and again, and they make excuses why you should not workout today or anyway next week! Achieving greatness starts with a thought or a dream. This dream can escalate if bodybuilding is going to be your sport. If not, then forget about lifting weights and go be a couch potato! Twenty something years later, I still have that same enthusiasm as I did when I was pumping those sand filled weights in my bedroom of my mothers house.

It's probably bigger now, actually. So if you get to the stage in your weight training that you feel you must not miss a workout - congratulations, because you have the 'bug'. It's almost like a drug isn't it? You have 'got' to be in that gym to get your fix, or you will feel really crappy! Once you start lifting those weights, your testosterone starts thriving and your levels of serotonin increase which is enough to kill any bad mood or lift you out of a depressed state. If you do find yourself in a bad mood, you probably won't want to hit the gym. But I promise you that as soon as you warm up and get your blood flowing, you will be at HOME and in your element.

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