Bodybuilding Diet Plan - The 5 Things You Mustn't Neglect to Achieve Results Fast

By Jeremy G. Thomas

 Nutrition is the most vital component of building muscle, but is sometimes overlooked. The reality is that, you might not be able to establish new muscle tissue if your body does not get the right nutrients. An important thing to keep in mind is that you need to consume more calories than what you would normally use daily. Although, this doesn't mean that you should lean towards eating junk food. Having a better grasp of nutrition will be necessary in order to plan meals well and ultimately build a strong physique.

 The Rules of Good Nutrition

 1) Having a diet which is well balanced The three crucial nutrients that you need to have in your bodybuilding diet plan include protein, carbs, and fat. As a general rule of thumb, your daily calorie intake should come from 60% carbs, 30% protein, and 10% fat. Remember to include a number of food items within your diet from each of the food groups. Dairy products such as milk and cheese are nutrient-dense, although it will be best to limit their intake as they are high in saturated fat and simple sugar. Vegetables and fruits on the other hand are packed with essential nutrients, and you'll require about four to six servings of these each day. And, also beans, nuts, poultry and meats are rich in protein and are great sources of foods for building new muscle. Carb rich grains are yet another thing worth including in your body building diet plan. While, junk food still needs to be reasonably limited.

 2) Have six small meals with protein Eating more often in smaller serving sizes works best so that your body can take in all the calories you eat. Instead of having large meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, split them up into six smaller portioned meals spread across the day. Where, Protein needs to be be added to each meal.

 3) Drink lots of fresh water A daily aim of half a gallon p/day is what you will want. A bodybuilding diet plan requires adequate water. Not only is your body made up of 70% water but it is crucial for digestion. Remember to drink around about one litre of water as you workout. This will provide enough hydration for the body.

 4) Take multi-vitamin or mineral supplements You may wish to include some essential nutrients to what you are already eating via supplements. But, realize that fruit and veggies can provide enough vitamins and minerals without the need for supplements. It's only really when there are not any fresh products available.

 5) Purchase and store good food If you aren't used to purchasing fresh food, change your habit today and include more of them in your bodybuilding diet plan. When you buy fresh meat, choose leaner cuts with less amount of fat. You can also purchase organ meat like heart and liver which are excellent sources of protein, vitamins, and minerals. If you're not going to use the meat within two days, freeze it. Label the meat so that you will know the how old it is. When buying poultry, buy large birds, and freeze if you are not planning to use it immediately. Buy fresh and firm fish with shiny and bright skin. Refrigerate them and consume within two days. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, buy firm ones in different colors. You can refrigerate the vegetables for up to a week. But store your fruits in room temperature.

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