Best Weight Loss Diets Review - Unhealthy Food and Eating Habits Conundrum

Historically, human beings ate raw unprocessed food as it was available and I don't suppose there were any cavemen dialing for a pizza and chips to be delivered. However, over time humans started to increasingly process natural foods to the degree that we are even putting additives, preservatives, chemicals and coloring in our food. The food in its natural form contains all the minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein, fat, acid and carbohydrate. Its only when we start cooking, preserving and over processing food stuff that we expend, alter or eradicate these vital ingredients.
We demand cheaper food so get low quality ingredients that are not as nutritious and beneficial for us. In February 2013 supermarkets made the shocking revelation in the United Kingdom, that horse meat was found in processed food that was suppose to contain beef such as ready meals and burgers. The consumer desire for less inexpensive food was held responsible for the substitute meat.
Its not just type of food we are eating that is detrimental to our health but the quantities we are eating. In the western world we eat for pleasure and not to survive. We will talk about metabolism in another article, but excess food basically means excess fat, and, if you are eating to excess those sugary, fatty foods, you are going to be eating more than your body actually needs. It is not rocket sciences so why are we all so over weight?
Simply put; because processed food is very tasty, the brain loves it and makes you want and eat more of it. The body hates it and because the human body has not, nor may ever, adapt to utilize highly processed food, it stores excess fat without taking in account that the body is growing obese. The natural digestive system does not factor in and take account of over eating. It will just go on and on storing fat sadly, even when it is detrimental the workings on the body.
It is a human love of food is most certainly attributable to increased heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancers and kidney/liver problems just mention a few health issues that can arise. So what can we do to eat healthy? Well most diets one way or another will result in you eating healthier and some are better balanced than others. We are going to find out exactly what is what in the diet world by impartially reviewing some of the most popular diets out there. My findings may shock you!

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