Best Muscle Building Tip

Muscle building is all about the right weight training and correct diet. With proper training, even a skinny person can flex his muscles within a few months. Muscle building is not only about looking great, but it is also about healthy living.
Muscle building improves the metabolism rate of the body naturally, thereby boosting your calorie expenditure even while you are resting. Moreover, strong muscles are good for the bones, joints and spines. Risk of injuries can be minimized by increasing muscle mass.
Tips for Building Muscles
Increase Calorie Intake
You cannot build muscles without gaining weight. Hence, you have to shed all inhibitions of overeating. Your muscle mass will increase only when your total energy expenditure is less than your total calorie intake. Adding calorie dense foods to the daily diet will help to meet your enhanced calorie requirement. However, while adding calories to you daily diet make sure you are not increasing consumption of saturated fat. Divide your daily calorie requirement into six meals.
Eat More Protein
In addition to increasing your daily calorie intake, consume sufficient amount of healthy protein each day. Your muscles can grow only with increase in protein synthesis. The higher is the protein reserve in the body, the larger will be the size of the muscles. Apart from muscle building, protein is also needed for numerous other activities of the body. To make sure that sufficient protein is available for muscle building, you must consume maximum amount of protein. For each pound of your body weight, you need about a gram of protein to build muscles. Lean meat, chicken, eggs, milk and dairy are the best forms of proteins that can be included in your muscle building diet.
Weight Lifting
After balancing your daily calorie requirement, it is time to build muscles through weight training. Weight lifting helps to increase the size of the muscles and facilitates fat burning. Weight with which you can complete not more than 6 to 8 reps smoothly is appropriate for muscle building. As your body becomes conditioned to weight lifting, you will start gaining muscles gradually by lifting heavier weights.
Target the large muscle groups
To increase muscle synthesis, work the muscles of the chest, legs and back, the large muscle groups of the body.
Lift Every Alternate Day
Muscle synthesis occurs while you are resting after weight lifting session. Full body workouts every alternate day is usually recommended for best result.

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